Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boys' First Trip

I have a lot of catching up to do. We took the boys on their first overnight trip to Tennessee over the weekend, the boys turned 10 months old on Friday, and now my mom and sister are up from Georgia for the week.

Thursday evening after Greg got off work, we left for Tennessee. We were going to my cousin's wedding on Saturday and wanted to have Friday to spend with as much of my family as possible. We thought leaving at night around the boys bedtime would make for the easiest trip. The boys slept great for most of the way to TN, but got a little fussy before we got there. We checked into our hotel and crashed. It was almost midnight before we got checked in and we were exhausted. We got up early and went to see my aunt and cousins. My parents and sister came up from Georgia and we spend some time with them. We were able to go out with a lot of my dad's side of the family Friday night for dinner. The boys LOVED all the attention. There were so many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins there just eating them up. They especially loved their little cousins, Kendra & Mason. They're 4 & 5 and were so sweet with the boys. We went to bed early on Friday night and got up on early on Saturday and did the whole thing over again. We tried to spend as much time as we could with family since we don't get down that often. Saturday afternoon we went to my cousin, Mandy's wedding. It was supposed to be outdoors but an awful storm came through and it was moved to a church. It was a beautiful wedding and we were able to see a lot of my mom's side of the family. My dad and Greg kept the boys down in the church nursery during the cermony. I forgot my good camera in the car and only got a picture of the boys playing before the cermony. I can't believe I didn't get more pictures, I'm so disappointed. After saying hi to everybody and grabbing a quick bite at the reception, we loaded up the boys and headed home. Evan & Carter slept the entire way home and we ended up getting in about 11:00. The boys were just as exhausted as we were and went right back to sleep as soon as we placed them in the cribs and slept until 6 the next morning.

On Sunday, my mom and sister, Caroline, drove up from TN and are spending the week here with us. I'm so excited to have them here and the boys love all the extra attention. After their trip to TN and a week with Mamaw and Aunt Caroline, I'm going to have some boys who are spoiled rotten!!

Because of all the hustle and bustle with the trip, I didn't really do anything for Father's day. I feel AWFUL!! It was Greg's first father's day and all he got was a card and a tiny little gift I picked up from Target. No breakfast in bed, nothing fun and exciting. :( Poor Greg.

Here's some pictures from our trip.

What we had to pack for a 48 hour trip with twin boys.
The boys bathed and in their pjs ready for the trip
Playing in the pack-n-play in the hotel
Our room. It wouldn't have been small if it was just me & Greg, but since it was us, two boys, two pack-n-plays and all the stuff we packed--it was a little cramped.
Evan playing in the hotel
If anybody knows me, they know I'm a complete germaphobe and it killed me to let them crawl on the floor of the hotel room. It totally grossed me out, but I didn't have a choice. ugh.
Papaw, Carter, Aunt Caroline, Mamaw & Evan
Mason and Kendra hanging out with the boys at dinner.
Aunt Susie and Evan, with Kendra & my Aunt Georgia, who's daughter (my cousin) has twin girls. She wasn't able to make it to dinner. :(
We had a room in the back all to ourselves since there were so many of us. This isn't even everybody, several family members weren't able to make it. We have a huge family & I LOVE it!
Aunt Glenna and Carter
Trying to get some pictures in front of the restaurant. I love the look on Mason's face--too cute. Glenna, Caroline, Carter, Kendra, Mason, & my cousins, Jennifer & Rene.
My uncle David & uncle Don are in the back
Why am I the only one who looks like the wind is blowing?
The boys playing in the yard at my Aunt Ethels.
Beautiful views from my aunt Ethel's house
The boys and Papaw. They had a blast with him. He's pretty thrilled to have some grandsons-especially after having two daughters.
My aunt Ethel feeding the boys biscuits. We eat so good when we're in TN. Good as in "yummy" not good as in "healthy". haha. My family can cook, let me tell you! I almost don't want the boys to be eating their food when they get older because then they'll know that my cooking doesn't even come close!
They sure loved the biscuits.
Totally Random, but on the way to the wedding, we passed this house that I want! The yard is HUGE!! The grass is gorgeous, the landscaping was so clean and pretty, they had a huge swing set for kids, and the house is amazing. I took some pictures to save in my house binder--a binder that I have of all the decorating ideas and inspiration I come across.
Look at all that land. I would love to have some land, but I'm very picky about it. It can't be too close to woods, I have to have neighbors within sight, etc. I think I've seen too many scary movies. :)
Beautiful. I want this house!!
Daddy & Papaw playing with the boys downstairs at the church. They had a blast! They played and crawled all over the place. No wonder they slept so good on our trip home.

I hope everybody had a great weekend. Tomorrow I'm doing a special, themed "What I'm Loving Wednesday".

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  1. Wonderful first trip! Takes a family/village to raise children. Best pic - the 4 boys in the hallway.