Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun at the Park

Today I took the boys to Pen Park to meet up with the mom's group I'm in. There was a huge turnout and lots of kids. It was a park I've never been to and I was so impressed. It was really nice. There's tons of playground equipment, bathrooms, trees for shade, etc. I laid out a blanket and let the boys play. They loved it. They are getting more and more social, especially Carter. Evan has always been pretty outgoing and Carter used to be pretty shy, but not so much anymore. He even braved crawling on the grass to get to another 11 month old boy to try and play with him. I pushed the boys in the swings for awhile and then we came home. The weather was so beautiful I just couldn't stand to think of spending the rest of the day in the house. So, I put the boys on a blanket in the yard with some toys and let them play while I watered our vegetable garden, plants & trees. I got some Miracle Grow at Lowe's and I so I put that on all the plants. We have some more tomatoes growing and a few peppers are getting pretty big. I'm very excited. We're already talking about our plans for next year's garden.

Here's some pictures of the boys at the park today.

I could not get Carter to look at the camera, he was just too busy.
Loving the swings

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