Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I remember when I was pregnant and was looking forward to being a stay at home mom. I had visions of playing with the kids, keeping a perfectly clean house, working out (because I'd have time since I wouldn't be working) cooking a delicious, healthy meal every night, catching up on reading, doing some scrapbooking, and all kinds of other things. I will blame my stupidity pregnancy brain. I have no idea what I was thinking. I would love to do a post of all the ideas and thoughts I had before I had kids only to have them and realize that I was so naive. Even after I had kids, the thoughts I had before they got to a certain stage. I will have to do a post on that one day. But, today's post is about the mess that two 9 month old kids can make. I used to clean up after them all day, picking up the house completely during each nap, only to find out that some naps only last 1/2 an hour and the house is messy again shortly after. I was wasting so much time. So, now I clean up before Greg gets home and before we go to bed and maybe a few pick-ups throughout the day if I'm expecting company or something.

I want to post some pictures of how our house looks in the middle of the day. I want to remember all the things about each stage, because I'm sure I'll forget so much as they get older. Please don't judge me, remember-I have twins, so twice the mess. :)

AHHH!!! Doesn't the mess make you crazy? But, the boys are having so much fun.
This is the front room that we sectioned off (yes, those are unopened boxes of diapers and an unopened pack-n-play that we just threw in here like it was a storage area---it's been moved now) However, this was what made me think to do this post. This is the front room, messy, but it's just in this gated area. Greg said something to me about it being a total mess and driving him crazy, he couldn't stand it. He picked up immediately. I was like, 'Oh, if only he knew what the house looked like during the day". I showed him these pictures and said, "this is what it looks like during the day some days and I pick up before you come home" and he said "aw, you really love me" haha.
And this is the kitchen. Our trash can is on the top of the counter because the boys like to scoot it across the floor, knocking it over. I CANNOT stand having it on the counter. It grosses me out. We're going to have to break down and get a smaller one that fits under the cabinet until the boys are older. All the stuff on the floor is random things that they found in the cabinets and pulled out.

So, that's our house during the day on most days. It didn't used to look like this when they were little, but now that they are crawling and into everything, I find that it's such a time waster to pick up their messes as they're making them. It's easier to just do it a few times a day.

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  1. i don't have twins yet and my house is equally as messy during the day! No judgement here! =) I'm fascinated to see what my house is going to look like in another year with one year old twins and a three year old. EEEK!