Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wine Tasting & Pool Time

We have had a great weekend so far. Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer's Market downtown. It's always fun to walk around and see all the fun things they have. We picked up some locally made honey because I've heard it's a great natural way to to help with seasonal allergies. We'll see. We picked up some bagel sandwhiches for me and Greg and blueberry muffins for the boys and walked down to the pavillion and had a picnic.

Our breakfast sandwhiches were SO good!

The boys liked their muffin, but were much more interested in playing than eating.

There's a free carousel on the downtown mall but it's only open certain hours. The sweet girl who unlocks it saw us walking by and came out and offered to open it for the boys to ride. They've never been on one before and they LOVED it. They rode it for a long time.

Saturday afternoon I had a wine tasting with 3 other moms of multiples. We all met at my house and had a driver come by and pick us up and take us to two different vineyards. He waited outside while we did our tastings. After the tastings at the second vineyard, we bought a couple of bottles of wine, and had a picnic with chocolates, fruit, crackers, cheeses, etc. I had been looking forward to this for a couple of months and it was such a blast. One of the moms that normally comes to our weekly playdates wasn't able to make it, so we decided we need to do it again in the fall so she can come too.

Brooke and Rachel. Brooke has boy/girl twins and Rachel has a set of boy twins only 3 months older than Evan and Carter.

Lisa & Brooke. Lisa has triplets! Two girls and one boy.

The car was nice and having somebody else drive so we didn't have to worry about it was definitely the way to go. There was a deal on Living Social a few months back for this but it sold out super fast. Brooke called the owner and told him that she and some other moms of multiples wanted to do this and he happend to have twins himself, so he gave us the same deal that was on Living Social, which was so nice.

Friday afternoon, we went and got the boys a pool. I wanted to get them a small pool and then something fun to attach to the hose for them to run through and we saw this at Target. It's two pools connected by a slide and you can hook it up to a hose and water will spray out the trees. Greg and the boys went outside and played on this while I was on my wine tour.

This morning, we took the boys back outside to play in it again. They had a blast.

They really love the slide.

They also love splashing.

After they were done playing, Greg decided to use the pool water to water my vegetable garden. The boys wanted to help.

Evan, being a little helper.

It's been a great weekend so far. The weather has been so nice. I love that we've been able to spend so much time outside. It's calling for rain several days this week, so at least we were able to take advantage of the nice weeked.

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  1. We've had rain all day today in GA, glad ya'll were able to enjoy some sunshines!

    Love the wine tasting with MOM (mom's of multiples) fun having friends with twins, etc...they just get you!