Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Virginia Discovery Museum

Today, I took the boys to the Virginia Discovery Museum for the first time. It's on the downtown mall in Charlottesville and I've been wanting to go for awhile. Our friend invited us to go with her and her two daughters, which was much more fun than me taking the boys by myself. I wasn't sure what to expect of if it was going to be something that the boys would enjoy, but they ended up loving it. We're going to get an annual family pass so we can go as often as we want. I can't wait to take the boys back.

We got there right when they opened, so we got to check everything out before it got too busy. The first room has a dollhouse, a train table, and a fun little tree to sit in. My friend's daughters pose so much better than the boys. It's so refreshing to take a picture of a child who is sitting still and smiling. Isn't she a cutie!

I honestly think the boys could have stayed in here for the entire time, but since we have a train table at home, we didn't waste any time in this room.

They had so many neat things at the museum and the boys loved playing with all of it.

I loved this garden area where you could pick the play vegetables.

Evan played at this thing for quite awhile. Air came up and you put these light balls in it and they balanced in the air, he loved putting more balls to see how many could stay in the air at once. The boys really switched personalities today. Evan is usually the one running around and Carter will concentrate on one thing, but today was the opposite. Carter was all over the place and Evan would play for the longest time on one thing.

The lighting in the musuem wasn't great and it was really hard to get good pictures, but I wanted to get some of their first time there.

Blocks to build a castle out of. Evan had his hand in his mouth the ENTIRE time, we think his last two back molars are finally going to come through soon.

This hallway had all kinds of buttons to push for neat animal sounds.

There was a fun little house set up a bed, fireplace, table, etc. The boys didn't spend a whole lot of time in here but the older kids seemed to really, really like it.

My friend's younger daughter. Such a sweetie!

I looked over and Carter was in a group of girls playing. I went over there and he was "feeding" the donkey some fruit.

They had a toddler room just for kids under 4 with puzzles, books, and this neat playhouse that had a slide. The boys played in here for a long time too.

This was the last room in the museum and it was so neat. You placed these fabric balls or scarves in the tube and it was sucked up and shot out the top. Evan spent so much time putting the balls in the tube. Carter liked watching them shoot out the top.

After the museum, we had a quick picnic lunch at the pavillion on the downtown mall. I saved some of the boys lunch for the ride home thinking that if they were eating, they wouldn't fall asleep in the car.

I obviously thought wrong. I gave the boys mini cinnamon raisin bagels to eat in the car and both boys fell asleep while eating them. Carter had his hand up to his mouth with his but his hand fell down in his lap before I could get a picture. I'm glad that I was able to get this picture of Evan at a stoplight.

Evan asleep with a mouthful of bagel. Don't worry, I knew he was fine because I could hear him snoring on the way home.

When we got home, I parked in the driveway and let the boys sleep. I knew if I tried to move them, they'd wake up and wouldn't go back to sleep. Luckily it was really cool out, so I didn't have to keep the car running. I played on my iphone, read blogs, checked Facebook, etc. They ended up sleeping for an hour and a half, so I was happy. We went in the house and relaxed a little bit, watched some tv, then played a little. Greg had to work until 6, so I took the boys to the mall to play in the play area and then came home and had dinner.

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