Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

I'm exhausted. I got in the mood to clean, so I've spent the last two hours cleaning the house. I did want to do a quick update though and post some pictures.

We had a great weekend. Saturday morning, I had my hair colored and cut--finally. My roots were out of control. Then in the afternoon, we ran a couple of errands and let the boys play in their pool while Greg grilled out. We got several things done around the house and it was a very productive day. Greg took the boys to the gym while I was at the salon and they had to come get him because Carter bit Evan. Apparently, Evan pushed Carter, so Carter bit him. When he got to the Kidzone, Evan was with the nurse and she was icing his arm. She called today to check on him to make sure he was ok. It's not funny that Carter bit Evan, but the whole situation made me and Greg laugh. The fact that they were icing his arm--that's way better treatment than he gets at home! We're always like "You're fine"! They've been a lot better about biting lately, and Evan was fine. Greg couldn't even see where he was bit when he got him. I'm glad to see how they handle things there and that they were so nice and quick to get us, but it's still funny that they were icing it.

  I totally dropped the ball on Father's day. I thought it was a week away. I didn't realize it was this weekend until we were driving home from our date night. I had planned on getting a card and doing a craft with the boys for my dad and Greg. I'm sad that I wasn't more organized on this. :( But, we did have a nice Father's Day and I did manage to get my dad and Greg something small--luckily I bought those things far in advance so at least they got some sort of recognition.

Today, we had our weekly multiples playdate. It was raining and nasty out, so we played inside. I'm glad we had a playdate scheduled because the boys and I would have been bored at home on such a nasty day. The boys had a blast. Plus, I got some ideas for the boys rooms and a recipe from the playdate! We are already talking about our next wine tour in the fall. We had so much fun at our last one, that we've started planning the next one. :) I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  Here's the pictures from our weekend. They are random and all were taken on my iphone.

We gave the boys chocolate chip cookies from Subway and one of them was a little messier than the other.

Saturday, they weren't going to be outside for very long, so we didn't even both with bathing suits, we just put them in swimming diapers and threw some sunscreen on them.

Evan loved filling up his bucket and coming to dump it on us. I had to ask him to pour it on my feet or else I would have been soaked.

Evan found the remote. They LOVE playing with the tv remote.

Sunday, we let the boys play outside in the pool also. They enjoyed some icy pops and strawberries for a snack. They sat really well at their table and ate, I thought they'd be running all over the place.

At our playgroup today. They were playing so cute so I grabbed my phone and got one picture, and it didn't turn out that great.

Before dinner, the boys were playing in their rooms and Evan wanted to wear his scarf from Aunt Brandi. He looked so cute wearing it.

I'm exhausted, it's been a long day and it's way past my bedtime. We have some plans for this week and the weather is supposed to be sunny and hot, so I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time outside and I'm looking forward to it. I love going to bed exhausted from a full day.

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