Friday, June 8, 2012

Past Couple Days

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, but it's only been a couple of days. Greg got sick and ended up staying home on Wednesday. He stayed in bed for most of the day. The boys and I have been pretty busy this summer, which I'm so thankful for. I love having lots of fun things to do, but I decided to take it easy the past couple of days, so we spent a little more time at home. Here's what we've been up to the past couple of days in pictures.

The boys have been playing in their rooms a lot. They love playing in Evan's room.

We've watched a little more tv than usual since it was a little rainy out.

I picked this up at Sam's Club and want to try just about every recipe in it. There's an okra recipe that I'm going to try this weekend. We're going to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning to see if they have any fresh okra.

The boys love to dance!

They've been playing really good together the past couple of days. I'm losing the pacifier battle with them. They seem to be getting them more and more these days. I think Evan wants his because he's teething and if he doesn't have the pacifier, his hands are in his mouth, and Carter is monkey see monkey do.

They've been playing with their puzzles.

Evan wanted his shirt off one morning and as soon as he got his shirt off, Carter had to have his off too.

We took the boys to Bounce and Play one afternoon. We had free passes that expire this month and it was rainy out, so we took them there to play.

Greg's foot is in the way, but it's so hard to get a picture of the boys playing on my phone that doesn't turn out blurry. Since I thought this one turned out pretty good of Carter, I didn't care that Greg's foot was in the picture.

We have to get creative around here sometimes. It's funny the things that entertain them.

It was in the high 70's yesterday, but I needed to water my plants, so we let the boys play outside with the water table even though it was a little chilly.

Carter is obsessed with drinking water--bath water, water table water, etc. I stop him when I can, and this was after catching him with the bucket a couple of times, so he knew he couldn't drink from that anymore. So, he decides to just stick his head in the water to drink.

He thinks he's something.

I moved the water table to the yard in the sun, since it was a little chilly in the shade. The boys didn't seem to be bothered by the weather at all.

I got a mother's day gift from my friend, Brandi in the mail. She was so sweet to get me something. I got some lollipops from See's Candies.

Baby Lips, which is amazing! I've been using it less than a day and I'm hooked.

She sent Greg and I both a pair of University of Arizona pj pants!! How nice is that?!

Greg was excited too. I took a picture of mine on, but my toes really need some new polish, so I will not be posting that picture. ;)

Greg is feeling a lot better today and the weather for the next 4 days is supposed to be in the 80's and sunny, so I'm excited for the weekend.

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  1. love busy summer days, but even more so I love a lazy day inside with my boys. love the gate around the tv, I SO remember those days! lol