Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fun & Date Night

Greg only had to work a half day today and the boys and I had a great start to our weekend. The weather was nice, so we spent some time outside and ended the day with a date night.

The boys love their train table. They still play with it as much as the day we brought it home.
Playing together.

The boys & I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I try and point out things like trees, houses, trucks, etc and then ask them to show me those things.

When we got home, the boys played with sidewalk chalk and I watered my vegetable garden.

This isn't the best picture--but how cute is Evan's outfit?! I got it at Target this week for $3.00!!! I was so excited.
Greg got home at 12:00, and we all took naps. It was so nice. After we all woke up, we took the boys to Yoder's. This was the first time Greg's gone with us in a LONG time. We met a nice guy there with his son and they were both so sweet to the boys. They had brought their own corn and shared with the boys and taught them how to let the chickens eat it straight out of their hands. (the boys normally just throw it at the chickens)

I still remember when Carter was so scared of the animals and now he has no fear. He stuck his fingers in the turkey cage and one of the younger ones nipped at it some and he thought it was the funniest thing.

Greg pushing the boys on the "big boy" swings. They had such a blast. Evan kept saying "more" when he wanted to go higher.

My friend and neighbor came over right after we put the boys down to listen out for them while Greg and I went out to dinner and Target. We decided to switch off babysitting each other's kids. It makes date night so much cheaper when you don't have to pay a babysitter and her girls are so cute and it's fun getting to watch them.

Greg and I went to T.G.I. Fridays. There was no wait at all and they were so fast with our food, we were able to have a couple of drinks, eat dinner and also go to Target for a few things. It was so nice.

Greg took a picture and put it on Facebook and I had to take a couple of pictures too for the blog, but then we put our phones away and talked. I promise. :)

Such a great start to our weekend.

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