Friday, August 7, 2015

Bday Party, Pool Story Time, etc

The boys have gone to a couple birthday parties this summer and they always have such a good time. They love picking out the gifts, seeing their friends, and getting cake!

This was the second birthday party they've gone to at Monkey Joes, so they knew exactly what to do.

All the kids had a great time and it made the boys even more excited about their upcoming birthday party in August.

The boys friend, Cooper, invited us to storytime at the pool. It was a pool that we've never been to and they started everybody off with a couple of stories.

Then, they opened up the splash pad area and the small pool for all the kids to play in.

It's been miserably hot this entire summer except for this one day. It was pretty chilly and my boys had a hard time playing in the water because of it. The ONE day all summer it wasn't scorching hot.

Don't they look pitiful and cold. :(

Although, they forgot all about how cold they were when somebody offered them freezer pops!

The boys were so funny with these things, they ended up all sharing so everybody could taste all the flavors.

Kinda gross, but mostly sweet!!

Evan, sharing with Sullivan. I love moments like this, when the boys are being extra sweet.

The boys stayed busy with their summer program twice a week. They had two weeks off in June and then it ended about the middle of July, so it wasn't the entire summer, but it was just enough for what we were looking for.

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