Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Boy Play date

One day at the end of July, I picked up the boys friend, Cooper, and took them all to the movies. Regal has $1.00 movies at 10am two days a week over the summer. I meant to take the boys more this year, but I dropped the ball and only ended up taking them once.

I'm friends with Cooper's mom and she was expecting baby #3 (was-she had her the second week in August) and was on bed rest, so I offered to take Cooper to the movies with the boys so she could get a little bit of a break. It benefitted me more, though, the boys were so excited to have a friend come a long and them having him to entertain them, made my job so much easier! :)

The three boys before the movie. They got a choice of Lego Movie or SpongeBob Squarepants. They all chose SpongeBob Squarepants.

This was their last week before starting kindergarten. They're not a the same school, but I can't believe they all met when they were in the same class when they were 3 and now they're in kindergarten!

There's a game room as soon as you go into the theater. I let the boys explore it for a few minutes before going to the bathroom and finding our seats.

The boys were willing, so I got a quick picture in front of this display.

I took the boys to the bathroom before the movie started and they all wanted some "candy" from this machine in the women's bathroom. Haha. They were very disappointed when I wouldn't let them get any.

The boys were perfect during the movie, they kept their hand to themselves, no talking, etc. Nobody had to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie, which was so nice. And I think they really enjoyed it. It wouldn't have been my pick for their age, but it wasn't bad.

Afterwards, we headed to a Mcdonald's with an indoor play area and the boys had lunch and then played for quite awhile in the play area.

After about an hour or so of playing, they had some ice cream and then we dropped Cooper back off at home.

I felt like this was such a big boy play date, it wasn't like the ones where you meet somebody somewhere, it just felt different--like the boys are growing up. :( It was really fun listening to their conversations in the car, though--these 3 are a mess. :)

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