Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Program, Cousins,and Tball

The boys started their summer program as soon as we got back from Arizona, the last week in May. It was two days a week for 4 hours. They had a great time and it helped them review what they learned over the school year, in a fun way. They had lots of fun activities, including water play day.

The boys were very excited for that day!

The boys before their summer program on another day.

They made these cute little visors in their program one day and just looked so cute wearing them.

Look how happy he is about it!

I love it!

We've been playing inside a little more because of the extreme heat, so that's meant lots of board games.

Some "Don't Break the Ice"

And getting out toys and playing with them in the middle of the kitchen floor. Whatever made them happy.

Some family came down from Tennessee to visit my parents, so we were able to go by and spend the day with them. The boys LOVED spending time with their older cousin, Kendra. They adore her. She was so sweet with them and they had the best time. We're going to Tennessee in September and the boys are so excited to be able to see her and everybody else again.

In July, the boys started t-ball. We do an indoor, tball for ages 3-5 at Wesley Methodist. Indoor sports are the only way to go in the middle of the summer. We tried this last year and felt the boys, especially Carter, weren't ready. This year, we saw a world of difference and the boys were really into it and did really good!
They were the Grasshoppers this year.

Warm-ups before practice.

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