Monday, August 10, 2015

4th of July Weekend

4th of July weekend, we had Greg's friend, Brady, come and stay with us. He was moving from Tennessee to Arizona and stopped by our place for a week on his way. The boys absolutely adored him and had such a great time with him.

We went to see "Home" because it was at the cheap theater. The boys loved it.

Brady was a sport and joined us. I love taking the boys to the movie theater, but it's just too expensive for a family of 4 to go to a movie, so I'm so thankful we have the cheap theater in town. It takes longer to get movies, about 2 months after they release, but it's only $2.50

We went to a friend's house for a bbq and the boys played.

This thing was a hit, I think the boys could have pushed each other on this all day.


The teenage daughter of some people that were at the BBQ played with the boys. She was playing "keep away" and the boys had the best time. They still ask about her, she was so good with kids. She's our friend's babysitter and I promised not to try and steal her away, even though it's very tempting.  

We weren't going to go to see fireworks since the boys still go to bed so early, but we ended up staying at the bbq later than we expected and by the time we left, everybody was parking and getting set up to watch fireworks. So, we parked at Lowe's, found a good spot and set up to watch them. The boys were so thrilled.

Both the boys just loved Brady, they wanted to be around him from the time they woke up until the time they went to bed. Evan insisted on watching the fireworks with Brady. We were all chopped liver.

How cute are they?!

Rough housing while waiting for the show to start.

Once the show started, this is how they watched them. Carter was in awe and kept saying "wow!"

The next day we spent a little time at the park.

It was like having 4 kids at the park. ;)

The boys had a great time, though.

The boys wouldn't let us leave until they showed "uncle Brady" the turtles. "Uncle Brady" is what Carter started calling him, all on his own and we never corrected him. We always love coming over here and feeding the turtles, it's my favorite part of this park.

That was pretty much our 4th of July weekend. Only about a month and a half late.

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