Thursday, August 6, 2015

Member's Night Out at the Zoo

I'm almost 2 months behind. My online, summer math class really kicked my butt and took up a lot of my free time. I ended with an "A", so I'm happy about that, but now I have some blogging to catch up on.

Back in June, the Riverbanks Zoo had a Member's Night Out that started at 6. It's after the zoo has closed and only open to members. We got there early and had a picnic lunch outside the zoo. This is Carter's "crazy" face apparently! haha.

It was so miserably hot, but they only do 3 of these and they're over the summer. We missed the first one because we were in Arizona and I really wanted to make it to one. It was worth it.

Killing time until 6, when the zoo opened.

The first thing we did was the carousel.

Then, we fed the birds.

You can see that Carter is hot and sweaty. It's been a very, very hot summer that just seems to keep on going. It's be miserable.

Evan feeding the birds.

They had two new animals since we went last. They have grizzly bears and sea otters. The boys were excited to see the new additions to the zoo.

We got to see the otters being fed, which the boys thought was pretty cool.

Checking out the flamingos.

Watching an demonstration on an owl. You can see Carter to the left, listening very intently.

The boys favorite part of the whole evening was getting to pet the snakes. There were several out in the aquarium area for the kids to pet and the boys just loved it.

Seeing the elephants.

Climbing up rocks

Greg made me take a picture of this because he thought it was so funny, just like all the middle school girls that were standing around snapping pictures and giggling. This was probably Greg's favorite part. Haha

Feeding the giraffes.

I never get tired of the boys faces or excitement over feeding a giraffe.

They have special deals for these members night out, like $1.00 hot dogs, 50 sodas, 1.00 ice cream, etc. So we all got $1.00 ICEE slushes. It was so hot and it hit the spot! This is what the boys got last year when we came, too, so it's our little member's night out tradition.

I was miserably hot, but the boys had a blast and so it was definitely worth going.

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