Monday, August 31, 2015

Saturday, August1st

The first Saturday in August was a busy one. We started off at Home Depot, right at 9am, when the Kids workshop started.

The boys do so much of the project themselves now.

They love being able to use the hammer and not need our help as much.

They made these cute little chalkboard signs.

They wrote on them, right away.

Straight from Home Depot, we went to their tball game. We got there a little early, so the boys entertained themselves by letting me take pictures of them on my phone.

They love to make silly faces. I usually have to promise to take a silly picture also, before they'll give me a normal pose.

They were very excited about their game. Carter didn't play in the first one, he was shy and just wanted to sit next to me, but he warmed up and played in every game after that.

The boys are so much better than they were last year. They know and understand the basics. They're coachable. It's been a fun experience.

Evan on first base.

Carter up to bat.

He had a game where he would not keep both hands on the bat. He'd let go and end up swinging one handed. We've worked on it and he doesn't do it anymore, but it was pretty funny when he was.

After our t-ball game, we ran some errands and then it was time for a birthday party. The boys' friend, Cooper, has a little brother named Sullivan. It was Sullivan's 2nd birthday. They had the party at Putt Putt, which the boys have never been to before. They had a blast. When we first got there, they ended up playing on the play area, climbing sliding thing that's outside the party room.

Then, everybody had pizza and Sullivan opened presents.

The boys loved watching what he was getting.

Group picture!

Evan, Carter, and Cooper.

Another group shot.

The boys before going in to play laser tag.

After laser tag, the boys went on the bumper boats. Each boy was able to ride with one of the older cousins that were there to help with the party. Evan and Carter loved that you could squirt people with the gun on your boat.

You can see Evan squirting away!

Look how soaked they are! I am not sad about sitting this one out at all. :)

Look how wet they are! After bumper boats, they played a little bit of putt putt golf, before getting bored with that and then going inside and playing with the arcade games.

We weren't out here very long. It was hot and the boys just didn't have the patience to sit and play golf.

Although he looked super cute doing it.

The boys played arcade games and got several tickets and they combined them and got a little prize at the end.

The boys had the best time here, we'll definitely have to come here again sometime.

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