Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shopping and Artsy Me

Since the boys' birthday is coming up soon, whenever we go shopping, I let them look at the toys so they can let me know what they want to add to their birthday wish list. They love looking in the toy section, they don't beg for toys, so it ends up making all our trips so much easier, I just go by the toy section when I'm done and give them about 10 minutes to look around.

They will find any box that says "try me". They love pushing all the buttons and things that they can.

It makes shopping so much easier. 

A few weeks ago, we met some friends at Artsy Me. It's a little studio where you pick out something to paint--they have everything you can imagine. You paint it however you want and they'll seal it and put a clear varnish on it after you leave and you go back and pick it up a couple days later. Evan picked a lion and Carter picked a dinosaur.

I wasn't sure how they'd do, but they loved it.

It was so cute to see them interacting with their friends and talking about what they were doing.

Evan and Carter knew exactly what they wanted to do with their paint.

Both the boys sculptures turned out really cute.

Evan, posing with his.

Carter, proud of his masterpiece. I need to get a picture of each of them since we've picked them up. They look so much better after the clear coat.

One of the boys friends wanted to give them each a hug. Carter hugged her back, but I must have just caught the picture at the right time to get this shot. I think it's so hilarious.

The Artsy Me isn't super cheap, but it was fun and they have lots of things to choose from, including things for adults to paint also. I would love to go back with some adult friends and paint something one day.

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