Monday, May 18, 2015

Muffins With Mom

The Friday before Mother's Day, the boys school had "Muffins with Mom" for all the moms and grandmas to come and have treats with the kids. The idea was for all the moms to sit down and the kids to serve us, but the teacher had to give up on that pretty quick--the kids were not having it, they were too excited about all the yummy strawberries and muffins and juice!

All the moms got special handmade crowns to wear while we were there.

Getting a picture with these two was no easy task.

Haha, Evan looks so done. But, I love that Carter pushed my cheek to his. So, I have to post it.

After our treats and getting our special framed pictures the kids made for us, they sat down to sing some special songs for us. Then, their teacher went through their worksheets and picked something from each one to share with the class.

Here's Carter's worksheet. I love his picture and the curly hair. Both boys said that I always say "be good" and when I was leaving their class, I caught myself saying "be good". I didn't realize it before, but say it every time I'm leaving them somewhere. We won't talk about how old both the boys think I am.

Evan's picture cracks me up. It's the perfect picture of a dog, but I think it's supposed to be me!

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