Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend Recap

I'm a week behind on blogging, so this is our weekend recap of last weekend (May 1-3) The boys in car line on Friday. Friday afternoons, we usually go to the park and then pick up pizza on the way home and have movie night and pizza on the couch. The boys love it.

Saturday was the first Saturday of the month, which mean a kids workshop at Home Depot. Evan's pouty lip cracks me up. I don't know what he was doing because both boys were thrilled to be there and there was no pouting during our trip, so I must have just caught him making a face.

The boys made the cutest frames, with a picket fence border. The boys are always so excited to get their new pin after completing the project, they're starting to get a good little collection on their aprons.

While the boys ate their fruit snacks and drank their capri suns that Home Depot gives all the kids after finishing their project, we did a little shopping for some brick border to put in the yard.

I pulled the boys pool out in the front yard, so they could play while Greg and I worked on the yard a little bit. When we move out in August, my parents are going to list the house. There's been a couple of projects that we've talked about doing for awhile, but now we have to decide what's worth doing. Somebody was supposed to come lay sod in the front yard but ended up getting way behind and never showed up.

A couple neighbors have this brick border around the front and we've talked about doing it for awhile and really wanted to do it last summer, but just never did. Greg finally decided to bite the bullet and get the bricks and do it. I hate thinking of doing things just to list the house, if it's something that would make buyers want to buy the house, then it's something we'd probably enjoy having too. I hate to do a project that we've been wanting to do forever, right before we move out and not even get to enjoy it. So, I'm glad Greg did this now so we have it all summer.

Greg working hard. I helped a little bit. I probably did about 1.5% of the work. ;) I provided 110% of the moral support, though.

After a long morning at Home Depot, then doing yard work, and taking showers to clean up, we decided to go out for a late lunch/early dinner.

I think it's safe to say the boys were pretty excited about Mexican food, too.

Carter is definitely the pickier of the two when it comes to eating. But, Mexican is a different story. Carter loves quesadillas but, Evan orders a hamburger-who does that?! But, he'd be happy not ordering anything and eating all the chips and salsa and calling it a meal.

Sunday, we went to church and grocery shopping. After lunch, Greg took the boys to the gym and pool and I stayed home and started going through things to get rid of. We're not bringing junk to the new house, so I'm doing some serious purging and either selling or donating a lot of stuff. While they were gone, I went through my entire closet and dresser and took out all the clothes I don't wear or want. I divided them all up into types and sizes and took tons of pictures and organized them all. Then, I listed it all on a Facebook yard sale group, which is like Craigslist, but I like it much better. Sunday night I started listing stuff at 7pm and ended up being on the computer for about 4 hours messaging people and setting up different meeting times to sell the stuff. It was a long week with lots of meetings but a week later, I've sold almost all the clothes and have made some money to buy new things for the house. It was all stuff I would have donated to Goodwill, so it's awesome that I was able to make a little extra money off of it. It's definitely a lot more work than just dropping it off at a donation site, but it was well worth it.

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