Saturday, May 9, 2015

End of the Semester

I try and get a picture of the boys before bible study every week. The week before last, only one of them was cooperating.

Haha, Carter was not having it.

But, this is them when we left. They love going to the childcare during my weekly mom's group at church. This was taken a week before last, but last Thursday was the last one. It runs from September to May and we've gone every Thursday morning since it started in September except for the one time we missed to take a trip to the zoo. They actually decided to offer a summer moms group this year, but it'll be in the evenings, so the boys will stay home with Greg. So, last Thursday was the last time the boys will go, when the regular meetings start back up in the fall, the boys will be in kindergarten. :( They love going each week and just adore the teachers in there.

We made a trip to the library so I could get a few books for the boys and they played with some new things that were out in the kids section.

The spring semester is officially over for me! I took Anatomy 2 and made an A. I start summer school on Monday and am taking an online college algebra. The one I took for my bachelors didn't transfer over because it had a different name, which is a pain, but it's the only one that didn't transfer so it could be worse. I'll be taking the TEAS test this summer and then applying to the nursing program in September. Hopefully, everything goes as planned and I get accepted and start the nursing program in January.

It rained for over a week straight but then we had several beautiful days without a cloud in the sky. It's been so nice and we've gone outside every single day. It's already starting to get pretty warm, so we're trying to enjoy the spring weather now.

There's been a lot of lunches and snacks outside on the boys picnic bench.

I'm about a week and a half behind on blogging, so that was basically our week the last week in April. And this tweet that I saw online sums up what Greg and I have been up to. "Marriage is basically just eating together and watching HGTV until you die" hahaha!! So true. We discovered that Netflix has some fun house shows like Rehab Addict and House Hunters, so we've been binge watching all those the past several weeks.

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