Saturday, May 2, 2015

Steed's Dairy

You can check out our trip to Steeds Dairy in October 2013 and October 2014.

On Tuesday, Steed's Dairy had their Homeschooling and Moms Club day. They have one in the fall and one of these in the spring and its the best time to come. You get in at a discount and it's not too crazy like it is when they open up in the fall to the public.

I was really excited to take the boys because I think it's such a great place and there's so much to do.

These two are such goobers, but I'm glad they let me take pictures of them as much as I do.

There was hardly anybody there when we got there and I thought it would pick up, but it never really got very busy. I couldn't believe more people didn't take advantage of this, but it worked out for us.

Evan had all the time in the world to play with this fun water thing, he didn't have to worry about waiting on other kids to finish playing with it or taking turns.

This is a big deal when there's a lot of kids here, so it was nice that he got to spend some time playing with it, without being rushed.

Horse tire swing.

Carter swinging away.

And Evan.

Every time we come, we see something new that they didn't have last time we came, which is fun.

We met up with some twin moms there and Cooper and his mom and little brother came also. So, we hung out with them. Since there was hardly anybody there and the 3 older boys are at a place where you don't have to watch them like hawks, Andrea and I were actually able to talk a little. We could move around and pretty much see the boys from anywhere we wanted to stand.

They love this jumping pillow and I love when we come during the week because that means no big kids on it. :)

They look so old to me, getting their own water.

We caught the tail end of a cow milking demonstration.

The boys were able to feel the cow and feel how warm the milk is that's in there. They thought that was pretty neat.

There was a baby goat that was so small, the gates couldn't keep him in, so he just went in and out as he pleased. Cooper and Carter thought it was so funny that he came out of his cage. They made sure to make him feel loved.

These boys really surprise me. They are really "all boy" (I know people hate that phrase) but they really are--rough and tumble boys. But, they were all so soft and sweet with all the animals. I love seeing them with animals, it's like they're totally different boys.

This pig snorted a lot and Carter thought that was hilarious.

Sullivan and Carter hanging out with the pig

Evan checking out the chickens

Cooper and Evan

Loving on the pig

Then, the pig did this. He laid on his side, like a dog, and wanted to be pet more and have his stomach rubbed. It was the cutest thing!!

Checking out these mini ponies

Petting them

So gentle and sweet every time.

One of the workers got out a brand new baby rabbit for Cooper and Carter to see. It was so tiny and cute.

Saying bye to the pig

Evan, Carter, and Cooper did the zip line, several times. A few before our hayride and then a few times on their own after lunch. They love this ride.


We did the hayride. It wasn't busy at all. There was another women with a small child (17 month, I think she said) and that was it--we had the whole ride to ourselves.

I love how Evan is looking at Sullivan. There has been lots of talk about Sullivan at our house. The boys have asked me if we can just "buy" him. Haha. They adore him and they both said that they want to take him to the store and buy him cute baby clothes. I'm in trouble with these two. They're pretty obsessed with getting a baby--which will NOT be happening. We're also not getting a dog or a cat. So.....These poor boys need something. I'm thinking a turtle or a fish. Or---and Greg is going to KILL me when he reads this but, maybe some chickens? Bless their hearts, they need something, they've been begging to kidnap another person's child, I think that's a good reason to get them a pet.

After our hay ride, the boys played in the corn box.

This is always such a huge hit with all the kids, regardless of age, they all just seem to really enjoy it.

Carter spent some time on the water thing.

Pumping the water to get the ducks to go to the end.

We had a blast, I love this place. We like to take the boys every year, but it's pretty crowded and more expensive. These homeschool/moms club days are amazing!! I won't even get started on how this may be the last homeschool/moms club day that they're able to come because next year, they'll be in kindergarten 5 days a week. :( Sniffle Sniffle!!!!!But, we'll focus on the positive for this post and we all had a great time here. We got here when they opened and stayed until the end. My boys definitely got their admission's worth!!! And I enjoyed it as much as they did.

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