Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cinco De Mayo and Park Fun

I'm a little behind on blogging, so I have about 3 posts that I'm going to do before we go on our trip to Arizona.

For Cinco De Mayo, I decided to make Café Rio pork barbocoa, which is one of my favorite recipes and I always love an excuse to make it. I found pork on sale and was able to get a pretty big one for cheap. I made homemade pico de gallo, salsa, creamy tomatillo dressing, guacamole and the pork barbocoa (that takes 18 hours to cook) So, we decided to invite my parents over for that meal since we were going to have so much food and do a Mothers Day/Cinco De Mayo dinner all in one.

For dessert, I made these cute homemade popsicles I saw on Pinterest. The strawberry layer and the coconut layer were really good, but the lime layer was awful. Nobody was able to eat that layer. Oops.

Carter with his popsicle.

He's only that happy because he hadn't got to the sour, lime layer yet. ;)

Later that week, Evan and I met a friend at the park for a playdate. Carter decided he wanted to go with Greg to the gym instead and we decided it was good for the boys to get a break from each other and for us to get one on one time with them. Carter had a blast riding in Greg's car and after Greg worked out, the two of them went swimming and he had the best time. Evan and I had fun on our playdate and decided we should do this more often.

Evan called me over and told me to take a picture of him. Then, he made me show it to him. Some days I can't get them to smile or look at the camera and other days they're the ones making me take pictures of them!

After our play date, Evan cooled off in the splash pad before heading home.

We had our last bible study. This will be the last morning bible study the boys come to because next year, they'll be in kindergarten 5 days a week. :(

Evan had a dry cough and absolutely no other symptoms. We figured it was allergies, but with our upcoming trip to Arizona, we finally decided to get it checked out. We knew if we didn't, it'd end up being bronchitis or something. The doctor agreed that it was just allergies and gave us a few tips to help ease his cough. It ended up getting worse before it got better-we thought we were going to have to take him back, but he's doing great now.

I had to drive up to Aiken, South Carolina to get my text book for the online College Algebra class I'm taking over the summer, so we all went up there after the Greg got home. They were able to see where I went to school and we stopped at a park on the way home.

The boys had a blast playing.

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