Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Wrap Up

I'm pretty behind on blogging, so I wanted to do a photo dump post before doing my post about the boys last day of school and our Arizona trip.

The boys have had a lot of pool time the past month, between the pool at the Kroc Center and just filling up a cheap one in the back yard for them to play with.

The boys are obsessed with playing in the dirt. They make tunnels and "ponds" and just make a huge muddy mess and it makes them so happy.

They were trying to make a river and they spent forever playing so well together on this.

Evan was very happy to be getting dirty and making a mess.

Before we left for Arizona, we went by our lot to have our preconstruction meeting. The boys had a blast running around the empty lot.

While we were shopping for some last minute things for our trip, I let the boys each pick out a stuffed animal from Kohl's. Carter named his whale "Batman" and has stuck with that since the day he got him.

Evan loves his turtle. I told the boys they could bring them to Arizona as their one stuffed animal to sleep with. They loved the idea and told their stuffed animals everything they knew about our trip. It was precious.

I also went to a Goodwill in town that has a bookstore, looking for a couple books to read on the trip. The boys were pretty good, but there was a long line to check out, so the boys entertained themselves by looking at all the jewelry.

We played outside as much as we could in May.

One day, the boys discovered that they could take mud and put in on their heads and rub it all over their bodies.

they were such a mess!!

I just hosed them off before we came inside.

We tried a new BBQ place in South Carolina a couple of weeks ago. We don't go out for BBQ that often, so we don't have a "go to place" for bbq. I saw this place on Facebook and it ended up being pretty good.

Kids eat Free on Thursdays, so that was nice!

Also, the boys got fresh haircuts for the summer. Greg gave them each a ring pop for being good while he cut their hair. This was their first ring pop and Carter thought it was the best thing ever. He was singing songs he made up about them, running around the house, thanking us so much for having ring pops, telling Evan how amazing it was. It was so funny.

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