Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Water Day and Last Day of School

Friday, May  15th, the boys had Water Day at school. They all got to wear their bathing suits to school and then about 11:30, the parents could come up if they wanted and have a picnic lunch with the kids and they played in the pool and sprinklers afterwards. The boys had been talking about this for a few weeks, they were very excited.

Boys having their picnic lunch.

After eating, they went and played.
There was lots of squealing, running around and splashing. There were just a couple sprinklers going and one small pool, but it was plenty for the two 4 year old classes to play in.  

They were running from the water at first and then it turned into a game of chase and I know several times they forgot who was chasing who--little kids just love to run around.

They all got freezer pops afterwards.

It's cute how much kids love freezer pops, I've been around a couple times at their preschool when the kids get them (either the boys class or the class I volunteer with) and the kids think it is the best thing ever!

4 of the boys sat down to take a breather and we all decided to gather all the kids up to get a class picture.

The boys 4 year preschool class. A couple of the kids are doing the summer program with them this summer and a couple of kids from their class are doing the kindergarten program there next year.

The boys last day of school was actually Friday, the 22nd. But, they missed the last two days for our trip to Arizona. So, the boys last day of school was the day before our trip.

I looked back at the boys first day of the school year to see where I took their picture. I wanted to take another similar one for comparison. The boys on the last day of prek 4.

I took a pose like this on the first day of school because their backpacks looked so big on their tiny little bodies, so I wanted to do another pose like that on the last day.

I also had one from this angle from the first day of school. Carter is obviously more excited bout these pictures than Evan is.

I got a picture on their first day of school, walking down the hall and I was going to do it this day (without them knowing) but when we went in and I went over to sign in to volunteer, the boys saw some of their classmates and they all walked down the hall talking. It was so cute to me. It just seemed so grown up to me for some reason.

And here's my comparison pictures. Their shirts look the same size, but Evan's was smaller and didn't fit him anymore, so I couldn't put them in the same outfits. They look so much older now!
This was the backpack pose, look how tiny the boys are compared to their backpacks in the first picture.

So, their prek 4 is officially over. They had such a great year. Their teacher was amazing and I'm so glad the boys had her. I can't believe they'll be starting kindergarten in a couple of months.


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