Sunday, June 7, 2015

Arizona Day 4

Friday morning, Ian and Lainey were out of school, but Eric and Carrie had one last day before their summer break started. So, Greg's dad went and got Ian and Lainey early and brought them over to watch them. I was not as good about taking pictures this day. All the kids watching cartoons

Around 11, Eric got off and we all went to Burger King with a huge, indoor play area and had lunch so the kids could play.

Afterwards, Greg and I met a couple he went to high school with, Mike and Jasmin. They brought their two kids and we met at out door pool in Oro Valley.

It was actually a little chilly and the wind was blowing pretty good, so Evan decided against playing in the water and decided to sun bathe.

Carter gave it a little more time, he wanted to play in it. But, it was just a little too cold.

So, he ended up next to Evan on their blankets.

There's a nice, shaded park connected to the pool, so Jasmin and I took the boys out there for them to play while caught up. It was a really nice park and the boys had a lot of fun.

They agreed to take pictures for me. There were tons of prairie dogs around, so we had fun watching those. I've never seen them in the wild before. Evan actually asked "why are thy not in the zoo' haha. It was so neat seeing them though and I'm glad the boys got to see them too.


Playing around the park.

After we played at the park some, we all headed back to Greg's parents house and all the kids ended up in the hot tub--same thing, different day. :) They had a blast playing, like always.

One of Greg's parents' good friend, Adrian, came over. She wanted to see the boys and they really took to her. She actually came out to Virginia and stopped by our house while she was in town and I was ALL THE WAY pregnant, so it's so fun for her to see the boys now, 4.5 years old!  Evan loved sitting down and talking her ear off. I don't know if she know what she was getting herself into! haha. Carter is usually my quiet one, but he was talking up a storm also. But, I love that they go to spend some quality time with her during her short stay. Greg grew up in Arizona, so there's so many people that he'd love to see when we go out, but there's just not enough time to see everybody. I'm glad that we were able to see as many people as we did.

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