Monday, June 8, 2015

Arizona Day 5

Day 5, that Saturday, we woke up and met Eric and Carrie and their kids at a nearby park.

There was prairie dogs running around everywhere, they were so fun and cute to watch. Evan especially loved seeing them.

Cousins, swinging.

Eric and Carrie brought their new dog, Piper, to the park. Evan was a big fan.

Carter was a little more hesitant, but he warmed up.

He got spoiled by Greg's parents' dog, who never jumps or anything. Piper is still a puppy and was so excited, so it scared Carter a little.

The view from our drive back from the park. We tried to enjoy the scenery because it's so different than Georgia.

We met up with Greg's parents and little brother, Brian at the mall for lunch. Afterwards, we went to a couple outlet stores in the mall and I got a few things for the boys. Then, we headed downtown to watch Mary Poppins. Greg's mom bought us tickets. It was held in a building at UofA. We got there pretty early, so we drove around to see how much things have changed since we lived there, including a house that we rented for a year back when Greg was going to the University of Arizona.

Greg and Evan, before the show.

Me and Carter.

Evan LOVED the Mary Poppins musical. He sat still and just watched, he could have stayed for the entire thing, but Carter started to get really antsy right before intermission. So, during intermission, we left. We hung out outside, to let Eric and Carrie know we were leaving and the boys explored the neat little area right outside the theater.

Evan asked to take a picture with me--how could I say "no" to that sweet face?

Carter was tired, I think that's part of why he was antsy during the musical. It was dark, he was tired and I think if he wasn't moving around, he'd fall asleep.

We got the boys some skittles and lemonade to eat before we headed back to Greg's parents house.

After the play, everybody came over for dinner and of course, a quick dip in the hot tub.

Watermelon for dessert and then it was off to bed.

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