Thursday, June 25, 2015

VBS Days 1-3

Last week was Vacation Bible School at church. A few months back, somebody asked if I'd volunteer with preschool arts and crafts during VBS. I agreed, but had absolutely no idea what to expect. I'm so glad that I agreed to volunteer because it was so much fun and I plan to do it every summer that I can. There were over 600 kids that came. Over 200 adult volunteers and over 100 youth volunteers. It was something! There was a preschool wing, with prek 4 and kindergarteners that had about 175 kids, and that's where I was. There were 5 adults in preschool arts and crafts and 2 youth helpers. Because of how many kids signed up, we didn't end up getting our own craft room like they normally do. We ended up getting a cart and taking it from room to room and we did our craft with the kids and then moved on to the next room. There was a schedule and we'd have to be in each room a certain time. I couldn't believe how well organized something so big was, but it was run very well.

The boys on the first day of VBS. It went from 9-12 every day, but we had to get there about 8:30-8:45, which meant getting up and ready and out the door no later than 8, which is earlier than we have to leave for school. The first morning, I left at 7:45 to get there a little early and figure out where to go, get the boys registration packets, etc. I know this isn't early, but it was earlier than we're used to--but definitely getting us ready for next year. :)

They had two professional photographers going through and taking pictures, so I got this and a few others off the website. The theme was "Blast from the Past" and each teacher picked a theme for their room. The boys teacher picked Batman/superhero, which was a huge hit with the boys.

It was so fun going into the boys room with our craft. They were so cute and happy to see me. If they saw me in the hall, they'd point to their friends and say "That's my mommy" which was so precious. I know that stage will end, so I'm eating it up now.

We did a fun "tie dye" craft where the kids colored bracelets to wear home at the end of the week.

The boys working hard on their craft.

The first day after getting home, Carter asked for a piece of paper and then went and came back with this. They were singing a song about "God is love" and they spell Love in the song, so he was so proud to surprise me with this.

The boys had to wear their room color on Wednesday, which was blue.

That day we made sheep masks.

Carter, gluing on his cotton balls.

Another picture I stole from Facebook. Their teacher had legos out when the kids arrived for them to play with, you can see Evan in the background with something he built.

That Wednesday, they also brought in a petting zoo for the younger kids (kindergarteners and preschoolers) The moms volunteering with crafts, worked it out so we could go outside while our kids class was outside and take pictures of them. I still cannot believe they brought in a petting zoo! The kids loved it!!!

I'm pretty sure I like petting zoos as much or more than the boys. I just love watching them with the animals, they're always so sweet.

All the kids got a bowl of feed for the animals.

The had a smaller area with baby goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.

The baby animals were so precious.

I think the boys' class was one of the last to go outside and the animals were all still loving the attention.


I wish we had a petting zoo nearby. There's one at Steed's Dairy, but that's only open in the fall (or one or two days in the spring)

Awful lighting, but Carter was feeding the cute little goat, so I had to post it anyways.

Another picture I stole from Facebook.  


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