Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Arizona Day 6 & 7

Sunday morning, Carter woke up not feeling great. We went dropped Greg's mom off at church, and then we went to Target and Bookman's. Bookman's is this amazing, used book store that is huge. I always go there when we visit and stock up on books. I wanted to get a few books for the boys, but Carter started feelings really bad, so Greg took him to the car while I checked out. We thought maybe he was just tired, but he ended up feeling really warm to us and just looking pitiful.

They had free puzzles set up for people to do, so Evan did a quick puzzle while I checked out.

He wanted me to take a picture to show Greg his finished puzzle.

We got the boys Eegees to drink and then came home. Carter was exhausted and wanted to nap, but wanted me to lay down with him. So, I took one for the team and took a nice, long nap with Carter. ;) When, we got up, we discovered that Evan decided to take a nap too. We watched tv and just took it easy the rest of the day.

After dinner, Greg and I ran to the store while the boys stayed with his parents. There were a couple more local beers we wanted to try.
Nothing says "I mean business, like a shopping cart at the beer store"

The view on our way home.

The next morning, we got up and headed to Bisbee to visit Greg's aunts. Since Carter wasn't feeling great the day before, I let him sleep until the last possible minute and ride to Bisbee in his pajamas. As the morning went on, he seemed to feel better and better.


The boys petting Greg's aunts' dog when we first got there. They loved all the dogs they got to play with on this vacation. They were so sweet with them, it almost made me want to get a dog. Almost.

The boys decided to explore as soon as we got there, the weather was beautiful.

They had so much fun checking everything out. It's hard to tell, but Carter is standing on a bridge.

Greg and the boys.

The boys were so obsessed with cactus, so I tried to get a picture in front of as many as I could so I can print them out for a little album for the boys.

Greg, being a bad example. That bridge was rickety, the boys thought it was so funny that he tried to climb it.

He made it about half way before he decided it was a bad idea and turned around.

The land that the house is on was just perfect for the kids, there was so much to do. Greg's aunts do not have kids, but not having toys did not stop the boys from having fun.

Eric and Carrie drove up separate and so the boys had somebody to play with while we were there.

All the kids eating lunch.

Aunt Debbie and Kathy let the kids go through their rock beds to look for "treasures" and each kid got to keep 3 (I think, I can't remember) things that the found. The kids were entertained for so long doing this. The boys are obsessed with the fun rocks and stuff they found, they have it in a bag and will show it to anybody that will look.

When we left, we went to an old Coal Mine store. They do mine tours and we planned on doing that, but since Carter was feeling bad the day before, we held off on buying tickets to make sure he was going to feel up to it and they ended up selling out. :( But, we stopped by to check out the store and they had a big bucket of different rocks, 4 for $1.00 and the boys were so into treasure hunting from earlier, Greg told them each to pick out two. Greg helped Evan, but Carter was having none of that, he wanted to look himself and find the perfect rocks or "gold" as he called it.

The boys were so sad about not being able to go on the mine tour and so Carrie bought the boys these fun hats, that they would have worn if they had gone on the tour. It was so sweet and the boys loved it!

We got back pretty late and the boys went in the hot tub one last time before bed.

The boys went on a couple of walks with Grandma and Grandpa after dinner to walk Tinkerbell and this was one of the pictures that Greg's dad took on one of their walks. I meant to get pictures of the boys with everybody, but it didn't happen.
That was our last day in Tucson, we got up the next morning and packed up and headed to Phoenix. We had an early flight that Wednesday, so Greg's parents got everybody rooms at SquawPeak Hilton Resort and we went up on Tuesday morning and swam and hung out and then that following morning, we were already in Phoenix and didn't have to worry about getting up as early and driving from Tucson to Phoenix.

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