Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Arizona Day 1 & 2

We got to Greg's parent's house early afternoon on the first day, I think it was about 1:00. Greg and his dad took a nap and the boys and I relaxed and hung out with Greg's mom for the afternoon. Greg's brother and son, Ian came over for dinner and the boys were thrilled to see their big cousin. Ian's sister, Lainey, wasn't feeling good, so she stayed home that night.

It was so sweet seeing the boys play with their cousin. They were so excited to see him and play with him. We had dinner and then went to bed early, like we were all in bed by 7pm, I think.

The boys woke up pretty early the next morning. Greg got up with them, but it was around 4am (which is 7am Georgia time, which is a perfectly normal time to get up) but 4am is not an acceptable time to get up. We had a lazy morning, with relaxing on the couch, watching tv and playing.

Greg's parents have a dog named Tinkerbell, and she's the best dog. She was so easy going, didn't jump on the boys or bark much. Evan and Carter just loved her. They wanted her to go wherever they went.

They were pretty gentle with her and gave her plenty of love while we were there.

The boys were exhausted from getting up so early, but were too excited about being there and our plans for the day to take a nap, so they zoned out in front of the tv.

It was too cold to go in the in ground pool in the back yard, so the boys went in the hot tub instead. Before our trip, I was dead set against the boys being in a hot tub. I thought it was dangerous and was not going to let them do it. But, when we got there and I saw how low they keep the temperature for the kids and felt the water, I was more than ok with it. The boys had a blast!

Greg's brother and sister-in-law (and their kids) were still in school, so Greg made plans with his childhood friend, Aaron. Aaron came over with his wife, Tasha and their 5 year old, Parker (they have a 10 year old who was in school) and we all sat outside and talked and caught up while the three kids played in the hot tub.

Aaron is a flight medic and offered to take the boys to his station to check out the helicopter. We knew the boys would love it, so we headed over. I love that Parker and Evan are holding hands! How cute!

The boys got to go in the helicopter to check it out and sit down in it.

This was just so fun! It was so awesome to just say "ok boys, put on your shoes, we're going to go check out a helicopter" They loved it.

They all got to try on Aaron's helmet. These are the cutest pictures ever! They're definitely getting framed and going in the boys room.

Haha!! I love this.

Thumbs up!

Evan in the helmet


And you do not have to be a 4 year old to think this is awesome, Greg also go a turn on the helicopter.

I love that Evan is showing him what to do.

Evan and Carter each got a pin with the helicopter on it that they just sat in.

It's kind of hard to see on their shirts, but they were so excited and I had to keep moving it from out fit to outfit because they were so excited about them.

All 3 boys on the helicopter-giving us thumbs up.

This was a really neat experience. When Aaron worked at a traditional fire station, he gave Greg and I a tour when we came to visit 5 years ago and we had the best time. He's so nice and just goes out of his way to give you a good experience. Him and his wife are the type of people that have fun no matter what they're doing and we have always enjoyed hanging out with them. We used to hang out so much when Greg and I lived here and I'm so glad we've stayed in touch and now our kids get to hang out.

After our helicopter tour, we went to Eegee's for lunch. Mmmm.....Eegee's. If you've never had it, you're missing out. I can't even explain what makes this sandwich shop so special. But, it's a must have every time we come back to Tucson. If you ask anybody who used to live here, they'll tell you the same thing. Eegee's is the name of the restaurant and also the name of the frozen drink that they're famous for. So, the boys each got their very first Eegee and it was a hit!

After lunch, we headed over to Aaron and Tasha's house. We stayed there for most of the afternoon. The boys played so good, they had a great time. Parker's older brother, Nathan, came home from school and he joined in on the fun. If there is a toy gun in a house, Evan will find it. He thinks they are the best thing ever.

He could do this all day. He'd shoot the foam bullet, go get it, load it back in and shoot again and never got tired of it.

The boys were sneaking around and hunting down Nathan right here. They played lot of games with pretend zombies. I think they could have played all day, if we let them.

After we left Aarons & Tasha's house, we went back to Greg's parents house and had dinner and went to bed fairly early again.

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