Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Weekend Recap

Basically a weekend recap with a few extra pictures from during the week thrown in. :)

The boys before school. Carter thinks it's so funny to smile like this for me.

It's been so hot the past couple weeks, but this was taken before the weather got in the 100's. The boys LOVE playing in the dirt and mud.

We had some ripe bananas, so I told the boys we could make banana bread. I let them each pick out what kind they wanted to make and we went and got the ingredients. Evan picked strawberry banana bread and Carter picked chocolate banana bread. I let the boys help with cutting the strawberries and they did great.

Carter, cutting some strawberries for me.

I let them each help pour the ingredients and stir. They love helping in the kitchen and I definitely do not let them help enough, so that's something we're working on this summer.

I've been getting ready for our move in August. I've been planning out rooms, working on projects, we've been buying a few things (our dining room has become a storage room for all things dealing with the new house!) and I've been trying to pick out paint colors. I've picked out colors for the boys' rooms, our bathroom, their bathroom but I still need a color for our family room, master bedroom and living room. I've narrowed the living room down to about 15 colors.

Saturday (the 13th) we went to story time at Barnes and Noble. Carter and Evan needed a little break from each other, so Greg took Carter to the play area and Evan went to story time. They do so much better after a little break from each other since they're together 24/7. I think they'll do great this fall, being in separate classes.

Building with the blocks. The boys are obsessed with building anything.

That afternoon, the downtown library had "Lego Club" where they dump out tons and tons of Legos for the kids to play with for an hour. We've gone before and the boys loved it, but they're both way more into Legos now, so it was the perfect thing for them.

I love seeing what they come up with. All the kids there were so creative! They take several of the kids' creations and put them in a glass display until the next Lego Club (I think they meet once a month) so all the older kids work really hard on a masterpiece for the display.

Evan working hard.

There were several kids about the boys age, so they joined up and built something together.

There were about 5 tables full of Legos like this. They also had a table full of duplos, so smaller kids could participate.

After Lego Club, we went to the pool. It was a spur of the moment decision, but I had been sick the whole week and the boys had been so good, so I wanted them to have a really fun day. Greg and I have been getting in the big pool with the boys. Last year, I would get in every once in awhile, but mostly just watched from the side, but it is TOO hot for that this year.

Greg and I usually get out a few minutes before the boys so we can dry off and they'll play in the splash pad and small pool.

I love that there's a big splash pad for the kids to play in.

When we got home, I let the boys make homemade pizza.

They really looked forward to making this and had so much fun doing it.

Sprinkling the cheese on.

I love this picture of Greg and the boys!

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