Friday, June 12, 2015

Arizona- Last Day

On our last day of our Arizona trip, we got up early and drove to Phoenix. Our flight took off the next morning at 8am, so Greg's parents were nice enough to book us all a stay at the Squawpeak Hilton resort so we wouldn't have to get up as early and drive as far the next morning.

The boys were so excited, ever since we got to Arizona, they started asking "how many days until we stay at the hotel" They love staying at hotels.

My friend, Brandi, flew in from LA and stayed at the same resort so we could see her while we were in Arizona. We've always talked about making sure our trip would work out so we could see her too, and I'm so glad it did! Her sister, Sonya and her two boys came up and stayed too!


Brandi came to visit us twice in Virginia after I had the boys, but we haven't seen her since we moved to Georgia. You can read about Brandi's first visit here and in 2012 here, here, and here

And because I love comparisons and throwbacks, here's a picture from when Brandi came to visit in November 2010, when the boys weren't even 3 months old.

I get so tickled by this picture! The first time Brandi came to visit us, Carter was her little snuggle bug, he just wanted her to hold him. The second time, they both were all about Aunt B, but Evan was a little territorial. This was her first day of her second visit and he's crying because she's putting sunscreen on Carter before we went in the backyard. He is seriously that upset that she took her attention off of him, even for a few seconds, to do something with Carter. It's such a pitiful picture but it was just so crazy how fast he become inseparable from her on her first day! And no, he's never had that reaction to anything I've ever done, holding another baby, giving Carter attention--nope. I'm chop liver. ;)

Playing with the boys.

Brandi loves to cook (She cooks for Popsugar, has been featured on the Today Show, etc) and loves to plan out meals for us to try when she visits. She was cooking, talking on the phone (she's holding it up with her right shoulder) and had to hold Evan because he wanted nothing to do with me and wanted Brandi's attention.

It doesn't matter than two years have gone by, things have not changed. He was very quick to snuggle up on Brandi's lap. At one point, he was sitting on my lap and then she sat down and he immediately moved on over to her lap--haha.

Carter was being such a ham. He loves pulling his shorts up like this and getting people to laugh. He was eating it up.

Sonya took this picture, I don't know why we didn't get Greg to take a picture with Sonya in it! I didn't even realize until I got home that I didn't have one with her. The boys liked playing with her two boys and have even asked about them since we've been back. Her boys are so sweet and just slightly older, Maximus is 7 and Bexton is 5, but that's all it takes because the boys thought they were so cool!

The water was so cold, but it didn't stop the boys from having fun. We did the lazy river several times and it was heated.

We spent the afternoon swimming and then went back to the room to change and walked to dinner at a restaurant right next to the pool. Greg's friend, Adrian, from high school was able to join us since he lives in Phoenix. His wife and kids weren't feeling good, so they didn't get to join us. Adrian is Greg's first friend that I cooked for when we first moved in. I think it was hamburger helper and he was like "This is so delicious, thank you so much for cooking such a great meal" and he was not being sarcastic, he's just that nice--so needless to say, he's one of my favorites! ;)

The poor boys were so exhausted by the time we got to dinner, but they were troopers and very well behaved. We had a quick meal and then went back to the room to get them showered and put down to bed.

The room were SO nice and had a sleeping area with a door that shut and bathroom area and then a sitting room, so after we put the boys to bed, Greg and Adrian were able to hang out and catch up in the sitting area while the boys slept. I went over to Brandi and Sonya's room and hung out for a little bit. I could have stayed all night chatting, but I knew I'd regret it in the morning. I was so sad that we didn't get more time, but I've decided that Brandi is coming to visit in the fall, so that makes me feel better! I also think we're going to make a little overnight girls trip to Savannah while she's here. She or Greg don't know this yet, but I think it sounds like a great idea!

The next morning, we loaded up and headed to the Phoenix airport. The boys were in good moods and excited to fly again.

Our first leg of the trip was maybe 30min to an hour to Vegas. Then we stopped and people got off the plane and the people who were riding straight through to Atlanta, got to  move to better seats, which we did.

And I let Greg ride with the boys. I forgot the dvds but Greg was able to put some movies on my laptop before we came back home, so the boys were able to watch a movie on the plane. I cannot explain to you how excited they were to wear headphones. It was such a small little thing, but they're the headphones I wear to the gym or while cutting the grass and so they call them "big boy" headphones and they thought that was the best thing ever. It's so funny what kids will be excited about.

I spent the flight reading "Sharp Objects" which I managed to finish a day or two after we got back. Two books in about a week. I haven't done that since the boys were born!

It was crowded on the train/subway thing that goes between concourses at the Atlanta airport, so the boys had to stand at first. I think it's safe to say they're excited!

Haha, they are such a mess.

Waiting for our luggage, they love watching it come up the ramp and onto the carousel. We did so good the entire flight and trip, but as we were walking out of the airport, Evan said he was tired (and I could tell he was) and he wanted me to carry him and as I was telling him that I couldn't because of all the luggage I was carrying, he ran into somebody. I know it didn't hurt, but he was done after that. He cried for a few minutes, until we got to our shuttle to take us back to the airport. Once we got in the car and started driving home, I felt him and he was burning up and saying he didn't feel good. I guess he got what Carter had a couple days before. He ended up being fine the next morning, but it took a few days to get back into our routine with the time change, jet lag, and just being completely exhausted. Greg ended up coming down sick a couple days after we got home and was so sick that he had to miss work and just stay in bed. I thought I got lucky and was sitting this one out, but about 4-5 days later, I got sick-fever, sore throat, trip to the doctor, laid in bed and didn't do anything for a couple of days. Ugh, but we're all healthy now.

Overall, our trip to Arizona was great. We all enjoyed it and I am happy we waited until the boys were this age to fly. They were so easy on the plane, and just traveling in general. They enjoyed the trip and are still talking about so much of it every single day. Now that we've got our first flight out of the way, I'm ready for some more family trips. I actually already went on Southwest's website to see if there were any specials to fly back out in the fall and got my reality check. My heart was saying "travel", but my wallet was saying "hell, nope!!" So, maybe all the family and friends we saw will feel like taking a trip out to Georgia this fall when we move into our new house. :)

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