Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brandi's Trip-Day 1

My friend, and the boys' godmother, Brandi, came out to visit last weekend. She flew in on Thursday and stayed until Tuesday. We had so much fun while she was here. Both the boys love "Aunt B", but Evan REALLY loved her. He did not want to share her with anybody else and everybody else was chop liver when Brandi was around. We tried to pack in as much fun time with the boys, cooking, talking, crafting, etc. while she was here and I think we did a pretty good job. Her trip did end with everybody coming down with a stomach bug, including her, which I feel awful about. But, we're going to try and block that little part from our memory and focus on all the fun we had.

So, like I said, I took a TON of pictures. I picked Brandi up from the airport on Thursday. Greg got off work early to come stay with the boys so I wouldn't have to take them to DC, which I really, really appreciated. On the way home, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for dinner, by the time we got home, it was time to bathe the boys and put them to bed. We all hung out in the basement talking for a little while and then went to bed. I didn't get any pictures of Thursday. Friday, however, is a different story.

Friday morning, we made a quick trip to Kroger and Harris Teeter to pick up the ingredients for our meals for the weekend. Brandi is a great cook and made some pretty amazing things, I'll defnitely post the recipes later.

After we got home, the boys played while Brandi fixed the homemade meatballs to put in the crock pot for spaghetti and meatballs. Yes, she's the world's best house guest, she comes out here and plays with the boys and cooks all our meals. It does make me world's worst host, but if that means getting to eat her yummy cooking, that's fine by me.

Carter pushing his monkey around on his fire truck.

So cute!!

Monkey see, monkey do. Evan had to push Elmo around after he saw Carter doing it.

I wish this picture would have uploaded the correct way, but I think they're so cute playing together.

Brandi making her yummy meatballs from scratch.

Evan wanted to be held, but only by Brandi. I was seriously chop liver while she was here. So, here she is cooking, talking on the phone, and holding Evan. I bet it would have been nice if somebody would have been helping her, instead of, say taking pictures? oops.

 We decided to take the boys out in the backyard for some outdoor time. We got the boys' water table in the mail that day and couldn't wait to open it and let them play. Here's Brandi putting on Carter's sunscreen. Seriously, the more I'm going through these pictures, the more I'm realizing that she seriously did EVERYTHING while she was out here.

And this is Evan crying because Brandi is putting sunscreen on Carter. Really. He wanted her all to himself. He was so funny. Most of the time, he didn't cry when she showed Carter attention, but he would start doing something to get her attention or start hugging on her. it's the complete opposite of her last visit when the boys were less than 3 months old. Carter was her little buddy then.

Evan, happy that he now has Brandi's attention.

Brandi loved styling Carter's hair with the extra sunscreen. He looks so cute!

The boys water table, that Brandi put together. Haha. I wanted this water table for them since before their 1st birthday. I thought it looked like so much fun and plenty big enough for two toddlers to play with at the same time. The boys seemed to really love it.

Carter loved taking the water out and dumping it out on the ground or on himself.

so happy!

The boys also loved drinking the water.

After they got done playing, their clothes were soaked. We stripped them down and let them swing for a few minutes before taking them inside to dry them off and put on fresh clothes. I'm so glad the weather was so warm for Brandi's first day here.

Afterwards, we decided to head up to Yoder's. It was still pretty early and the weather was so nice out, we had to try and take advantage of it.

Inside Yoder's, shopping for some goodies.

Evan and Brandi looking at the goats.


Carter petting the goats. I still remember taking them to the county fair and Carter crying because he was terrified of all the animals and now he's going up to goats and chickens all on his own and petting them.

After we got back, we bathed the boys and pet them to bed. Then, we enjoyed our delicous dinner, some moscato, and cake pops for dessert. Brandi is co-owner of Sweet Party Stix, people pay her money for her to make these for them. They are so good!

So, that was Brandi's first day here. Uploading all the pictures, looking through them, and blogging about it makes me sad that it's already over. I cannot wait for her next trip. I'll post about day 2 of her trip tomorrow.


  1. I love all the pics! You're such a great writer-I love it! It totally makes me sad too! It went by soo fast!!! Boo!!! I miss those babies so much and we had so much fun too! I unpacked my coasters the other night and now when I look at them I'm all like boo who!!!!

  2. Great pics....they're so cute, those boys! God's Love and Blessings, Mrs. Milloy