Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Visit

Greg's parents came to visit from Arizona. They got in on Wednesday and left on Monday. The boys had a great time with their grandma and grandpa! Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures. The weather was great while they were here and we enjoyed a lot of time outside on the deck and in the yard. Greg put together the playhouse we found for them on Craigslist and they had a fun time playing in it. I also picked them up some chairs at a consignment sale on Friday and they look like such big boys in them. They had more fun moving those chairs around and getting in and out of them than they did with their outdoor toys. Greg and I had a lunch date and dinner date while they were here, and it was so nice to sit down and eat and talk without rushing. I know the boys were sad to see their grandma and grandpa go, but they'll get spoiled with attention all over again when my friend, Brandi arrives on Thursday.
I didn't get a single picture with either boy with either grandparent, so I stole this one off Facebook. I think this was the only one. :( I can't believe I was so bad at taking pictures.

Evan reading a book after his nap. I'm just posting all the pictures I've taken since my last blog post.

The boys the morning that Grandma and Grandpa arrived.

This isn't a good picture but the weather was so warm while Greg's parents were here, that I got to pull out the boys summer clothes. Don't they look so cute!?

Evan one morning before Carter woke up. I was getting ready and put all my stuff up afterwards, so he got it back out for me. Look how he lined them up in a straight row.

Greg's parents offered to keep the boys so Greg and I could have a date night. Then they offered to even bathe the boys and put them to bed for us too. It was the first time we've ever had somebody else bathe the boys and put them down. It's a two person job, and I'm pretty sure Greg and I were out the door before they finished their sentence when they offered. It was pretty early, so we went to World Market and Best Buy to look around. It was so fun to browse and not feel rushed. Then we went to Sakura for hibachi. It was so good! Then we went to T.G.I.Friday's for drinks afterwards. This was the only picture I got of our date night. :(

Evan on the way to check out a lake we might want to go to this summer. I bought a hat at the consignment shop, but there was only one, so when the boys started fighting over it, I had to bring out their ones from last year that were too small. they wore them anyways.

Neither boy wanted to wear their new hat, so they both ended up wearing hats that were too small. This is Carter at Lord Hardwhicke's for our St. Patrick's Day lunch.

The one of two pictures I got of the boys on st. Patrick's day. I'm telling you, I was AWFUL about getting pictures this weekend.

This was the other one.

The boys playing in their playhouse on the patio. Yep, they're in their pajamas because it was morning but now that they're obsessed with going outside, they don't care if it's 6am, raining, cold, etc. They want to be outside all the time.

Yesterday after Greg's parents left, the boys had their 18 month appointment. This is them in the waiting room. I'll do a full post eventually on that, but they're healthy. Both are still tall and skinny and were so good for the doctor. They only had to get one shot and now they're done with shots (except for flu shots) for awhile. Yay!

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