Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome Back Warm Weather!

Monday, we got 5-6 inches of snow. It looked like this.

Tuesday, I took the boys to the mall in the morning and it was pretty cold.

Carter, still wearing his hat. He's turning around and waiting on Evan to come push him down the slide.

The boys love finding our shoes and putting them on. They both had one shoe from a pair on the other day, I wish I had got a picture, it was so cute!

Wednesday, it was in the high 60's. Yay! Welcom back warm weather!! I took the boys to the park for a MOPs playdate. The boys were definitely enjoying being outside after being cooped up for a couple of days. They played hard! I didn't even get a chance to socialize. It'd be much easier to socialize at these playdates if it wasn't for all the kids! ;) Just kidding. After Greg got home, we took the boys to another park.

There was still a little snow on the ground.

We were there a little over an hour. The boys explored the park when we first got there, I pushed them on the swings for a few minutes, and the rest of the time was spent going down the slide. They'd go down, go around to the stairs and up to the slide and go down again. Over and over. They actually did it together, they usually split up at the park, but this time, they stuck together. It was cute, at one point, Evan got ahead of Carter and was about to go down the slide and noticed Carter hadn't made it back around and to the stairs. He got up, and went to the stairs to wait on Carter so they could go down the slide together. I love that they're becoming such good friends and playmates.

These were taken at the other park that Greg and I took them to after he got off work. Carter likes to sit down several inches back from the slide and then he scoots up to the slide.

The boys had on thin, long sleeve shirts, they didn't even need jackets. I can't believe that this picture and the first picture I put up of the snow were taken 2 days apart.

Today, it got up to 71! The boys and I ran to Sam's Club first thing in the morning for a couple of things. I love our business membership (a sweet patient at the doctor's office I worked at hooked us all up with business memberships) I get to take advantage of the business member's only hours and instead of waiting until 10 when they open, I can start shopping at 7am. After our little errand, we took a walk around the neighborhood. Both boys love cars, trucks, tractors, construction, etc. but, Carter especially loves all the construction vehicles and stuff around our neighborhood. He got a big kick out of walking by one of the houses being worked on. After our walk, I packed a lunch and met a friend and her two girls at Yoder's. My ol' go-to warm weather spot. The boys had a great time and afterwards, we ate lunch there and then went home. The boys took a great nap and when they woke up, we went to the gym.

The boys are all about sharing their food and drinks. Apparently, Evan didn't want his last few bites of waffle this morning, so he gave the rest to Carter.

 I hardly ever go to Sam's Club without Greg, it's been several month,s at least. As soon as we walk in, both boys start looking around and Evan starts saying "Daddy, Daddy?". It's so funny how they pick up on these things, they know that Greg is with us when we go there and looked for him.

On our walk.

At Yoder's.

This slide is very fast. Last time, Carter faceplanted in the dirt after going down it. I hold their hands when they go down to make sure they don't fall. I also help them up the ladder, because they both slip on it. But, they think they're big boys and do NOT like me helping them. Carter would pull his hand away or push mine away and yell "No!" and Evan would wait until my attention was on Carter or talking and try and hurry up down the slide.

 We picked up a movie on the way home. Greg picked out "Thor" to watch tonight. So, I am enjoying a glass of wine and spending a little time on Pinterest this evening. One of the blogs I follow, Karen at Home, is doing a Pinterest challenge. You pick a project that you pinned on Pinterest, complete it and then link up with her and blog about your project. I'm going to go through some of the items I've pinned and pick something so I can participate.  I'm going to try and pick something fairly easy, but I'm really excited to have an excuse to do a fun project. This is Greg's 3 day weekend, and we have a busy weekend planned. It's supposed to be sunny this weekend, so in addition to the things we have planned, I'm sure we'll make some time to get outside with the boys.

I hope everybody is having a good week!

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