Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pj Pants Hat and Chocolate Banana Pancakes

The boys LOVE wearing their pants on their heads as hats. I know I posted a pic of Evan yesterday doing it, but here's some that I got of them this morning. They think it's so funny when I first put them on. They'll chase each other and laugh, then they just go on playing like they're not wearing a pair of pants on their head.

We ran to Target this morning for a few things and while I was getting some syrup, I saw these.

Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes and Chocolate Banana pancakes! Mmmm...... So, I decided to get them. After I got home, I remembered all the breakfast food we have in our pantry and freezer that's been there forever. We NEVER cook breakfast, although we love omelets, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, etc. We just never cook breakfast, maybe because we get up so early, a bowl of cereal or frozen waffles is so much easier. So, I decided to make the boys some pancakes for lunch. I went with the chocolate banana pancakes and Evan LOVED them. Carter liked them, but he's not big on chocolate. He will eat it, but not much of it and the pancakes had a lot more chocolate than I expected. Carter ate them but didn't want his whole pancake, so Evan happily finished it for him. The chocolate chips were a little messier than I expected.

Notice how much neater Evan was.

First of all, he used a fork instead of his hands. Second, I don't think he wanted to waste any pancake--all if us went into his mouth. He loved them!

Making the boys pancakes for lunch gave me the idea of having breakfast for dinner one night a week. I always loved having breakfast for dinner when I was growing up, it wasn't very often but it always felt like a treat. Breakfast foods are so yummy and usually pretty easy to fix, so there's one dinner a week that I don't have to worry about. That is until the weather warms up, then Greg will be grilling out all of our meals (I've decided). He doesn't know it yet, but he will be grilling up lots of meals for us this summer. ;)

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