Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mall Play Area, Parks, and Yoders

Monday and Tuesday were warm and sunny this week, so we took advantage and got out of the house as much as we could. Both mornings we started off the day by going to the mall at 8:00am and the boys played in the play area. The mall opens at 8 for walkers, so it's the perfect time to go, there's nobody there and the boys can burn off some energy before their first nap.

They both love this slide, they'll go down it over and over while we're there.

Carter has to wave to all the walkers going by. Luckily, they are all so nice and will wave back and say hi to him. He is definitely not shy anymore.
Monday, after the boys nap and lunch, we ran to the post office to mail some girl scout cookies to some soldiers in Afghanistan. I'm half way to marking off #12 off my 30 Before 30 list! Then, we headed to Yoder's. The boys actually fed the chickens this time and loved playing on the slide. After Greg got home, we went to the gym and worked out while the boys played in the childcare area,. It's so nice to be going back to the gym again.

I never go the Post Office with the boys, it's one of the few places that I wait for Greg to get off so one of us can run in while the other stays in the car with the boys, but I wanted to get this package mailed asap.

I always say I'm not going to post a lot of pictures, but then I start trying to decide which ones to post and can't pick just a few. I know I've posted so many of them at Yoder's, but here's some more.

Carter went down the slide by himself. I was a little nervous since it's pretty fast, but he did great. So, when he went to go again, I wanted to get some pictures. Here he is going down.

He tried to land on his feet, but was going so fast he fell forward. I was snapping pictures, expecting him to do as well as he had done the time before.

Poor Carter. He cried for about 1 minute, and then was distracted by the animals and a couple minutes later, he was climbing the ladder again. I held their hands going down it the rest of the day, but he didn't want me to. I would think after falling, he'd be a little nervous to do it again, but no.

They played with the swings for awhile. I love getting pictures of the two of them together. So often, they're running in two different directions, so when they stick together, it's nice that I can get a few pictures of the two of them.

Tuesday, after the boys nap, we did a little shopping. I got both boys balls, some bubbles and some sidewalk chalk. When we got home, a contractor came over to give us an estimate on a fence, so I let the boys play outside while her and Greg talked. It was not easy getting a picture of them, they were so excited to be outside, they didn't stay in one spot too long. After the contractor left, we took the boys to the park. It was packed--everybody else had the same idea we did. After the park, we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. It was Family Night, so the boys ate free, which was nice.

Letting them play with the balls in the house before Daddy got home.

At Chick-Fil-A.

Wednesday, it was nasty and rainy all day. :( I'm so glad that we took advantage of the nice weather when we had it. The boys and I played inside all day. I had a dentist appointment, so Greg took the boys to the gym and I went to the dentist. When we all got home, we fixed dinner, played and then put the boys to bed. Greg and I watched Survivor and then went to bed.

Today, it's supposed to be sunny and almost 70 degrees, so after the boys nap, we'll be getting out of the house to enjoy the good weather. We have another fence contractor coming by this afternoon and I have a MOPs meeting tonight. I love days when we're busy and have things going on. I hope everybody is having a good week so far.


  1. Hi! Just saw that you commented on my blog :) Glad to find another twin mommy! Your boys are precious :)

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