Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been several weeks since I've linked up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday, and I'm excited to get a chance to do it today.

I'm loving the free $25.00 Gap giftcard that I got for FREE, just for saving the codes off my huggies boxes. You save the codes, enter them online and use them to order free stuff from the rewards catalog. It's that easy. I didn't start saving the codes until the boy were almost a  year old. I hate thinking of all the free stuff I could have earned that first year.

I'm loving Buffalo Chicken Salads. I'm pretty sure I've put this one on here before, but we're seriously addicted. We still have them at least twice a week, usually more. Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, light ranch and Frank's Red Hot---Yum!!!

I'm loving this warm weather we've been having in February. We've had several sunny days that we've been able to take the boys outside, which makes cold rainy days like the one we're having today not seem so bad.

I'm loving the new season of Survivor. I did not like them bringing back two veteran players and I did not like redemption island and they're not doing either this season, so I'm happy. My favorite player so far is Chelsea, I hope she does well.

I'm loving this new iced coffee from International Delight. I had a coupon, it was on sale, and the store I got it at was having a double coupon promotion, so I got paid 55 cents to try it! It's not something I'd drink everyday, but it's nice to have on hand when you feel like an iced coffee but don't feel like driving to Starbucks and paying $4.00.

I'm loving the delete and unsubscribe button on Facebook. People have lost their minds on there lately. I love Facebook and use it to get in touch with old friends, see what people are up to, I love when people post pictures and funny stories about their kids, links to interesting articles, talk about how well they're doing on their New Year's Resolutions, etc. What I don't like is the guy who posts offensive, political crap EVERY 30 minutes, you know the one who thinks everybody who doesn't think like him is an idiot--delete! The girl that's having drama with her family or boyfriend but doesn't want to say something to them directly so she posts stuff like "I'm done with you, I've been putting up with your crap for too long, blah, blah blah" That's what messages are for--delete! Or the girl that posts vague statuses like "I can't believe that just happened" which is annoying but then somebody will ask "what happened" and they'll say "I don't want to talk about it" Really? Delete! So, I'm going on a deleting/unsubscribing spree today. Can't wait. ;)

I'm loving the new Gem nail polish from Sally Hansen. It's so pretty and glittery! I'm going to get a couple more in different colors, flip flop season is coming up!
I'm also loving that I have a dentist appointment today. I hate going to the dentist, but I do love the car ride to the dentist all by myself, listening to whatever I want on the radio. Maybe they'll be behind and I can sit in the waiting room and read a magazine and relax. ;) Ah, a relaxing half hour to myself.

What are you loving this Wednesday?


  1. I love what you wrote about facebook. So true.

  2. Hello-

    LOL so true about peeing... my kids try to reach for me under the door. Found you on "What I'm loving Wednesdays" I am your new follower on Google Friend Connect.
    Please drop by when you can.

    <3 Faith

  3. I AM SO BUMMED! I had no idea about a Huggies club or whatever. I am on my 3rd CHILD and he is almost out of diapers. I have been buying diapers for the last 8 years. Do you know how much free stuff that would be?! Could you tell me more? LOL

    Love Buffalo Chicken Salad. I love Buffalo anything. LOL

    Isn't it great to be able to take the babies outside? It does help the day pass by faster and lets them get some energy out.

    april@Party of Five