Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Unfortunately, Evan is on day 5 of his fever, so instead of celebrating with fun and chocolates, we made a trip to the doctor's office (they wanted to see him if he had it for 5 days). Greg came home early to stay with Carter and I took Evan to the doctor's office. Just like we figured, it's the same virus that Carter had, but the fever is just sticking around. If it hasn't gone away by Thursday, we have to go back. :( So, we're hoping this fever breaks and we can all be past this sickness already. He spent a lot of time sleeping today, so we're hoping that he's resting up and ready to feel better soon. We were up last night with him, when his fever spikes he won't sleep in his crib, he likes to be held until it goes back down. But, both boys slept until 7:30 this morning, which is unheard of in our house. It must have been their little Valentine's gift to me. :) After their naps, I took Evan to the doctor and Greg stayed with Carter. I gave him the camera and told him it was his job to get a picture of Carter in his Valentine's day shirt. I wanted to get one of the boys together, but after getting them dressed, Evan wouldn't let me put him down until he went to sleep for the night, so no picture of them together this Valentine's. :(

Carter saw a construction vehicle across the street and watched it the entire time it was in view. With Evan wanting to be held the entire morning, this little distraction for Carter was so helpful. He's been playing so good, but he wants to play with Evan. He doesn't understand Evan is sick and keeps coming over and trying to give Evan toys and stuff. It's really sweet.

 There was probably a total of 20-30 minutes today that I wasn't holding Evan, and this was one of those rare moments.

I actually enjoyed rocking Evan while he was napping today. They NEVER let me rock them to sleep anymore, they've outgrown that and it's kinda nice to do it every once and awhile. But, I've had my fill and Evan can get better any time now.

At the doctor's office. This was my attempt to get a picture of him in his Valentine's day shirt. You can see in his eyes how bad he feels. And he can't breath through his nose (even though we're using humidfiers, saline solution, booger suckers, etc) so, he's just really miserable.

While Evan and I were at the doctor's office, Carter got a real treat. We're getting concrete poured under our deck and they came by to lay the gravel today. So, he got to watch the guys work and see all the construction vehicles. He loved it. Greg got a ton of pictures of him watching them through the back door.

He backed up because the thing came under to dump the gravel and I think it was a little too close for his comfort.

I can't wait until it's done. We got several quotes and after the first one, we didn't think we were going to be able to get it done, but luckily we got some more and found several more affordable contractors. I didn't realize it was going to be done so soon, they're pouring the concrete tomorrow. It'll be nice to have when the weather warms up.

Greg's attempts at Carter's Valentine's picture. I really can't say much, mine of Evan were taken on my phone in an exam room.

His wheel popped off his toy. It's fixed now.

And just for fun, here's a picture of the boys last year on Valentine's day. So cute!!

I hope everybody has a great Valentine's day.

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  1. Hey Samantha, thanks for your sweet comment! I am such a sucker for mommy blogs and vlogs on both blogger and youtube because I am SO excited to have my own. Your boys are absolutely precious, but I hope Evan feels better soon! I look forward to reading more :)