Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Countdown and Cooking

This week, I have a couple of things that I get to make things for. Thursday night, I have my MOPs meeting, and I'm one of the 3 people bringing treats. As much as I wanted to try some recipes I've found on Pinterest like these:

But, I'm going to just keep it simple and go with some easy, tried and true classics- 7 layer dip and cupcakes. Then, a girl in our mom's group (who already has a set of twins) just had a baby, so everybody signed up to bring her meals for the next several weeks. I'm signed up for Friday, and I'm bringing Poppyseed Chicken, a side dish (still to be determined) and a dessert. I'm glad I'm finally at a place where I know what I'm capable of and I'm ok with that. Before, I'd try to make something new and fun for MOPs and something much more complicated for the dinner, and then life would happen and I wouldn't be able to get it all done and I'd get discouraged and feel defeated. I know what season we're in right now with the boys, and they're a lot of work. I can't plan on doing too much because they have plans all their own. I'd much rather make crock pot meals, not take on too much, etc and be happy and have time to play with the boys.

My friend, Brandi, just bought her plane ticket to come out and visit us in March. Two days after Greg's family leaves from a week long visit, we're very excited about March and having company. I decided to make a sign with a countdown of the days until Brandi comes out, take a picture of the boys with it and post it on her Facebook page. I knew I wouldn't get the perfect picture, but didn't dream I'd take so many ones that didn't work. My mom suggested that I use a cardboard box we had instead of a piece of paper, and I'm glad I did because the paper wouldn't have lasted. I thought it was funny how hard it was to get a picture, so I thought I'd post some of the pictures that didn't work. I get tickled looking at these because the boys had no idea what we were trying to do. Carter took the sign, but wanted to swing it and Evan did not like the cardboard box being held up, he wanted it laying flat on the ground so he could play with it. Oh, life with toddlers.

These were all taken on my phone, so some of them turned out blurry. I love the convience of taking pictures on my phone, but blurry pictures is a major drawback.

trying to hand the sign back

I love this picture, but I didn't have enough time to back up enough to get the sign in the picture. I love that he's holding it up and smiling.

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