Friday, February 24, 2012

Catching Up

Like I mentioned in my Project 365 Catch Up post, I ended up catching what Evan and Carter had. I managed to go all 9 months of pregnancy and the first 15 months of their lives not catching anything and as soon as late October hit, I've caught pretty much everything they've had. After our stomach viruses in late January, we thought we were past the sickness of the winter, but then we all came down sick again. Needless to say, we are very sick of being sick in this house. This last cold has been going on over 15 days, Carter got it first and had it for 5 days, then Evan came down with it the day after Carter started feeling better, and then Evan gets better and a day or so passes and I come down with it. Hopefully, now that I'm better, we can take a break from being sick for a VERY long time. We really need a chance to get caught up on some sleep, rest up, eat good, take our vitamins, etc. Then, hopefully, if we do catch something else before the winter's over (which hopefully, we won't) then maybe we won't come down with it as hard as we have everything else.

I feel like we've been in our own little world since the beginning of January. We haven't been able to get out as much. We haven't been able to go to playgroups or anything social for fear of getting others sick, although from what it sounds like in the emails I'm getting and Facebook statuses I'm reading, a lot of other people are going through the same thing. We've also been in survival mode during all this so we've just been able to do the basic things that have had to get done. Our house is a sty, I haven't been cooking or blogging, we haven't had any time for fun things. It's been rough.

Greg gets off at 12:00 today and I'm so excited for the weekend. I'm really looking forward to getting the house in order, going back to church, hitting the gym, and just being able to do the normal things I feel like we've let go over the last several weeks. I don't have a whole lot of blogging to catch up on, I just basically told you everything that's been going on lately--we've been sick, it sucked, the end--but, I have a lot of pictures. I like to post those, so I'll probably do a couple of photo dump posts and then I can start blogging about our normal, boring everyday activites. Oh, and I need to do an 18 month post on the boys. I think I have one recipe to post, but that's about it. I know, y'all are just on the edge of your seats for those posts. ;)

I'm going to go take my daily vitamin, drink some orange juice and Emergen-C and enjoy not being sick. I hope everybody has a great weekend!

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