Friday, February 24, 2012

Project 365-Catch Up (2/5-2/23)

So,  I came down with the same thing that Evan and Carter had, so I'm really behind on blogging. I finally uploaded the pictures from my phone and camera onto my computer and went through them so I could post these for my Project 365. I wanted to get caught up with that and tonight, I'll try and get caught up on blogging.

I don't know why a couple of these are sideways, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

This is a puzzle that we got from Goodwill (more on that later) for 95 cents!!!

Poor sick Carter at the doctor's office the first time.

Letting him play on daddy's computer.

In the ER.

Carter, feeling better the next day and enjoying a snack at the Target Starbucks.

Finally getting a little Evan time after taking care of Carter while he was sick.

Cute Valentine's Day cards from their godmother, Brandi.

Greg got the boys some matchbox cars and they LOVE them.

The boys are still obsessed with shoes, they love to weat them in the mornings with their pajamas.

At the doctor with Evan on Valentine's day.

Letting the boys play with some tub paint I got at Walmart for them.

This gate was to keep them out of the tv area, they found away in and this is how I found them. So sneaky!

We made an early morning trip to Harris Teeter and the sweet cashier gave the boys balloons. They played with these all day.

The boys on the day they turned 18 months. I cannot believe they are now closer to being two than one. Crazy!

Greg took this picture, this was the first of two whole days that he took care of the boys all by himself because I was sick.

We got about 4-5 inches of snow and it was so pretty.

And then as fast as it came, it was gone.

This is the only picture I managed to take on the 22nd, we went to World Market to pick up this neat toy I saw for the boys (it's for their 3rd birthday--I'm a little OCD with the planning) and I saw this and thought of Brandi and was going to text her a pic of it to see if she's tried it. Who knew it'd be the picture I'd have to use for Project 365.

Our first time out on the back patio we had done around Valentine's day.

I have NO idea how I managed to get a picture every day with the way things have been going, but I'm so glad I did. Even if they weren't the best pictures, I'm still that much closer to reaching my goal of finally completing Project 365.

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