Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warm Weather

Oh, how I'm loving this warm weather we've been having. It's been sunny and in the high 60's, perfect weather to be outside with the boys. My mom had the worst of the bug yesterday that we all had last week, I felt awful that she wasn't feeling well. We let her rest and me and the boys took advantage of the unseasonably warm day we were having.
The boys took a great nap in the morning, Carter slept for 3 hours! Evan woke up before him, so it was nice to have some one on one time with Evan. Carter always wakes up from his naps before Evan.

I had the tv on, and he was very interested in what was on.

Pointing to his belly. He loves to lift up his shirt, point, and say "belly".

Once, Carter woke up, I fed the boys lunch. For dessert I let them have a couple of yogurt covered preztels that Greg picked up for me at Yoder's. They're the best! and the boys loved them as much as I did.

Carter looking outside while he was waiting on me to get their outfits and shoes.

Then, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood in the wagon. The boys did so good in the wagon. I thought they'd get antsy and want to get out, but they loved it. They really like trucks and pretty much any vehicle, especially big ones. They always point out the window when big trucks drive by and say "truck", so it was fun for them to see trucks driving by while we were outside. They also got to see a little mini bulldozer scooping trash into the dumpster that they thought was neat (they're building several new houses on our street).

The other day, we ran over to Old Navy so I could check on their Valentine's day shirts for the boys. They didn't have them, but while walking out I saw a display of UVA shirts. I was in a rush since my mom and the boys were waiting in the car, but I saw the clearance/sale sticker on them and they were only $4.99, they were really thin and I thought it'd be perfect for spring, so I snagged two. I never dreamed they'd get to wear them so soon.

After our walk, I blew some bubbles for the boys. They loved them! They laughed and giggled while I was blowing them. Evan kept saying "bubbles!". Then, we loaded up in the car to go to Yoder's. I rolled down the windows and put back the sunroof. The boys loved the fresh air.

I LOVE this picture. The look on Carter's face is so funny.

The boys knew where we were as soon as we pulled in the Yoder's parking lot, Carter started yelling and clapping. They love Yoder's. There was nobody else there, so we had the place to ourselves. The boys went from the goats to the chickens to the slide and back. They had the best time.

I don't know how we ended up with the place to ourselves, but I'm glad we did because the boys were able to go down the slide as much as they wanted.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole afternoon. He was so excited that the goat came up and was sticking his head through the fence. I love when I can capture some of their happiness or excitement in a picture.

Carter used to be a little shy around animals, it'd used to take him awhile to warm up, but not anymore. He loved petting the goat, and did it all on his own. At one point, a goat came up to Evan and Carter and they were both petting it. Carter would pet it and both boys would giggle, then Evan would pet it and both boys would giggle. It was so precious. They got the biggest kick out of petting the goats.

On our way home, we stopped at the Tastee Freeze for ice cream. I put the back door up and let them hang out in the back and eat animal crackers and ice cream. They thought they were something. Evan actually didn't seem that crazy about the ice cream, which surprised me because he's my great eater, he'll eat pretty much anything I give him. Carter on the other hand, who's super picky lately and doesn't seem to love sweets--loved the ice cream.

We had the best afternoon, spending time outside. It just made me look forward to spring that much more.

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