Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Rough Week

We had another rough week with colds/viruses in our house. I know I've said it a million times, but I'm so ready for winter to be over with. On Sunday afternoon, we noticed that Carter felt warm and was being fussy, so we took his temperature and he had a fever. We took him to the pediatrician on Monday and they said that his lungs were clear, no ear infections, etc. and that it was viral and to wait it out. Tuesday night his fever spiked to 105.2, I called the doctor on call but they said that since he was just seen that it was fine and that we could wait it out at home. Greg and I didn't feel comfortable doing that because of the way he was acting, he had also lost interest in drinking that afternoon, so we decided to take him to the ER. I drove down there and when he was triaged, his temperature had gone down a lot, we had been waiting for quite a while and he was starting to get restless and act a little like his old self, so I decided to come home before being seen and we'd call the pediatrician in the morning. The next day, he didn't have the fever anymore, but he didn't want to drink, after a day of no drinking or wet diapers (and being EXTREMELY fussy), we took him to the pediatrian, around 4pm. (I had been talking to the nurse hotline and had spoke to the triage nurse at the ER and was told over and over if his mouth was wet and he was producing tears, then he wasn't dehydrated) They saw the extent of his fussiness, which isn't like him at all, he is normally happy at the doctor's office and loves playing with all the toys. Our pediatrician actually had to get on the floor and exam him because he wouldn't let us hold him and he was lying on the floor crying and tensing up. (one of the many reasons I LOVE our pediatrician) they decided to check him for a UTI. They tried to get some urine through a cathetar twice but wasn't able to because his bladder was that dry. They sent us to a different ER that specializes in children, we took him there and were immediately taken back. I don't know if it was just perfect timing or if it was because our pediatrician had called ahead and spoke to the ER doctor, but either way, we were grateful. After an ultrasound, some labs, a urology consult, etc. They found out that he was VERY dehydrated. He was given IV fluids while we were there and then started drinking on his own, so they decided not to admit him and let him come home with us. Our issue now is getting him to drink enough fluids. We have stocked up on freezer pops, sherbert, italian ice, chocolate milk, juice, all the things they've never had, just to hopefully get Carter to take in enough fluids. He hadn't really slept the entire week, but slept most of the day on Thursday (probably because we got home at 2am on Wednesday night) and slept great Thursday evening. He's taking a nap now, actually. He's starting to play more when he's awake, something he didn't do Sunday-Wednesday. We're hoping that he's past the worst of it, his fever doesn't come back and we're able to get him to drink enough fluids.

Luckily, this all happened while my mom was here and we had somebody to keep Evan this whole week. I feel like I haven't seen him at all since Sunday. :( Carter has been very, VERY clingy while being sick and I've had to hold him every second he's awake and even rocking him to sleep. Evan played really good for my mom the whole week. I'm so glad that she was here when we had to take Carter to the ER, it made things so much easier. We've been paranoid all week about Evan getting sick, we thought we had got lucky, but last night, he started acting a little fussy. I took his temperature before his bath and it was 103.8. :( He slept really good last night and had a temperature of 100.9 this morning (not too bad). He's a little less patient and more sensitive, but other than that, he's still happy and playing good. We're hoping it doesn't hit him as bad as Carter and of course, we're giving him everything we can to drink to make sure he stays nice and hydrated.

My mom left this morning and Greg had today off (it's his 3 day weekend) so we have 3 whole days to get the boys healthy and back on track before I'm with them all by myself next week. That's pretty much been our week, it's kinda a blur because we were all so sleep deprived and just exhausted from everything.

I haven't taken many pictures and since it's been mostly me and Carter the whole week, they're mostly of him.

At the pediatrician's office on Monday. He was so pitiful, this is how he was sunday-wednesday, just wanting to be held. :(

His fever was over 104 in the doctor's office and his cheeks were so red.

Evan, happy as ever. I'm so glad that he was in a good mood and that my mom was here to take care of him.

Praying that Greg and I are done with being sick for the winter, we're hoping that we don't catch what they have. I'm taking measures to make sure that I don't.

In the ER, so exhausted. You can see his arm where they had the IV. His purple camo wrap.

We had to go to Target on Thursday to get his perscriptions

Yum. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but his eyes and face are really swollen. He cried so much on Thursday that when we left the ER, his eyes were swollen almost shut. He looked so pitiful. He's still swollen today too. Some of it might be from the fluids they gave him too.

Mommy's breakfast. Getting home around 2:30 after an already long, and very sleep deprivied week, only to have to get up at 7:00 and start it all over again required a lot of caffeiene.

I feel so bad for my sick little guys and it sucks that they're sick but we're really lucky my mom happened to be here when this happened. We're also really lucky that we have a great pediatrician. She was so nice, she even called us on Friday (her day off) from home to check on him and see how our trip to the ER went. The ER staff was AMAZING. I used to work for the other hospital that we normally go to (where I delivered the boys) so I kinda felt guilty going to this hospital, but not anymore. The nurses were SO nice. Everybody was, from the front desk girl to the doctors, everybody was very nice. The nurses gave Carter so much attention and it really made our trip so much better. It's awful to have a baby that needs to be in the ER and to be stuck in that little room, waiting on answers, being tired, etc. It could have been miserable (and it wasn't fun) but it makes a big difference when the people who are working with you go out of their way to be nice. So, I'm definitely thankful for that.

Hopefully my next blog post will be about how great the boys are feeling. :)

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