Friday, June 5, 2015

Arizona Day 3

Day 3 of our Arizona trip.
That Thursday morning, Greg's dad went and picked up Lainey from Eric and Carrie's house, and brought her over so that they could watch her while Eric and Carrie were at work. It was great for Evan and Carter to have their cousin there to play with first thing in the morning.

Of course, they ended up in the hot tub after awhile.

Ian only had half a day at school, so he got to come over and hang out, too.

They did this on their own!

The kids got to have a little picnic lunch outside. They were so cute sitting at their kids table, talking.

That afternoon, Greg's friend, Aaron, came over and brought his two boys to play. All 6 kids played in the hot tub all afternoon and had a blast!!

Notice how full it is. It was not that full when they got done playing!

Getting a picture of 6 excited kids looking at the camera is impossible.

The grownups sat around talking and drinking beer while the kids played. Greg is really into craft beer and loves trying new beers, especially local ones. He's been planning which beers to try in Arizona ever since we bought our plane tickets 6 months ago. There were several that he can't get here in Georgia, so all the guys went to a local wine and beer store and stocked up for our stay. Greg started an Instagram (you can see here) to document all the new beers he tries. While Aaron was over, he talked him into starting and instagram also to do the same thing. Greg doesn't just snap a picture of the bottle in his hand before he drinks it, he likes to try and do different pictures of each one. This shows you how serious they are about their beer pictures, Greg holding up some pool thing to help block some of the sun so they could get the perfect lighting for Aarons beer picture. I get so tickled watching Greg take his pictures of his beer, that I've started taking pictures of him taking pictures.

After the kids got out of the hot tub and were watching a movie, Greg and Aaron went to the front of the house to try and get a good picture of the next beer they tried. Evan had wanted a picture with the cactus in front of the house, so I brought him and got some pictures of him, too.

Evan supervising Greg's picture taking.

Evan asked me to take this picture of him and send it to Mamaw and Papaw which I thought was so sweet!

Greg and Aaron and the beers we all tried. We'd pour a beer and then pass it around for everybody to try it, it was fun and they actually got some really tasty ones.

Eric and Carrie came over that night after the boys went to bed and we all sat around and talked for a little bit. Then, I got a taste of what having grown boys will be like. Exactly the same as having 4 year old boys, apparently. Eric and Greg, rough housed and played around just like I'm sure they did when they were younger.

These two are a mess! After a round of rough housing, Eric, Carrie, Ian and Lainey left and then we all went to bed. I think that was the night Greg stayed up super late--until 9:15. ;)

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