Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Days

When we got back from Arizona at the end of May, the boys started their summer program. It's twice a week at the same church they go to school at and they really enjoy it.

Here's the boys on their first day.

Looking a little tired after our day of traveling, but they did great.

We haven't been doing anything big this summer, but we're staying busy. I took this one night when we went to a bbq at a friend's house. This was the only picture I got.

Some trips up to my parents, which always involves a ride on this thing.

This is the boys favorite thing ever. Everything is compared to it, "it's cool, but not as cool as Papaw's truck" "it's not as fast as papaw's truck" etc.

I bought these dollar tree crafts to use on the plane, but didn't end up using them, so I brought them out one day when it was raining. The boys LOVED them and it killed a lot of time.

They just peeled and stuck square stickers and put them where they're supposed to go and it made a design. Super easy and they loved it.

We've spent a lot of time hanging out and just playing.

A couple trips to the mall. The mall is usually our winter go to place, but we had about a week of rain and followed by temperatures over 100, so it's just been too hot to go outside. It's miserable! So, we've made a few trips to the mall to stay busy.

I had a girls night. We went out for pizza and then went back to one of the girls houses and hung out and chatted WAY too late. I don't know why, but when girls get together, we insist on taking selfies that include duck face, tongues sticking out, and whatever is going on in the bottom picture. It was so much fun, we laughed and laughed and just had a great time. I was exhausted the next morning, but a couple extra cups of coffee were totally worth it!
We've been doing more painting and play doh since it's too hot to play much outside.

I had my front windshield replaced, which provided about an hour of entertainment for the boys!

The first Saturday in June, we went to the Home Depot workshop. Greg wasn't feeling great, so I took the boys by myself. (turns out he was actually sick and then I caught it a few days later--fun times)

The was my favorite project so far. The boys made little trucks that were so cute. They definitely made sure to tell me that Daddy hammers better than I do.

Proud boys with their trucks.

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