Monday, April 2, 2012

Rest of Brandi's Trip Recap

I'm going to do the rest of Brandi's trip in one post. On Sunday, the boys started to act a little fussy, especially Evan. I even said that I could only think of two other times he's been that fussy, once when he was sick and had blisters on the back of his throat and right before the stomach bug hit. Well, about 11:10pm on Sunday night, Evan woke up throwing up. So, that explains why he was fussy. Greg came down with something on Monday and called into work and didn't get out of bed the entire day, I think it was a mix between allergies and the stomach bug. Carter was pretty fussy, but he never threw up, so I'm really happy about that. Brandi and I got hit on Tuesday with the stomach bug. :( It was a rough couple of days, but we managed to still enjoy the last part of Brandi's trip, even with all the sickness. We shopped, watched "GCB" and "Breaking Bad", talked, crafted, cooked, ate too much, played with the boys, etc.

We decided to give the boys one of Brandi's cake pops and both boys really liked them.

We took the boys to the mall on Sunday to play in the play area and get out some energy.

Brandi decided to make her homemade strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream frosting (made from scratch)

We let the boys lick the spoon she used to frost the cake. Evan wasn't sure what to think at first.

But, he figured out real quick that this was some good stuff!

Carter was trying to get my attention while I was taking pictures of Evan.

Carter finally decided he'd try some after he saw how much Evan liked it.

haha, I love this picture. He does not want to give up that spatula!

We fed the boys leftovers from our tacos, spanish rice dinner and Carter loved it.

And, of course, they loved the strawberry cake for dessert.

On Sunday, during the boys nap, Brandi and I went shopping. We went to Michael's, TJ Maxx, and Lowe's and decided to make our own coasters. It was so easy. I need to take a picture of the finished product, but this is the only picture I got.

Ginger chicken and rice with homemade strawberry cake for dessert.

Brandi wanted to get some pictures with the boys. We got some good ones of her and them last time she came out, so we were hoping to get some good ones this time.

I love this picture!

Yep, she's sucking his chin. It's her thing. ;)

Evan was not going to let Carter get all the attention. He heard the laughing and had to come make sure Carter wasn't getting all of Brandi's attention.

I had so much fun while Brandi was here. I cannot wait until the boys are a little older and we can go visit her. I also can't wait until the next time she comes out here.

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