Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tuesday was a little chilly and we didn't have any playgroups or anything planned, so we just hung around the house a played and ran a few errands before naptime. When Greg got home, we went to the gym. Nothing exciting, but I did get some pictures.

I'm so glad the boys are actually playing with this. I have an entire board on Pinterest full of fun ideas to do with the boys, although most of them are for when they're a little bit older. I can't wait to try out some more of the ideas that I've found.

We ran to Target and then needed just a couple of things from the grocery store. I didn't want to take everything out of the car that I bought at Target, get out the stroller, put all the stuff back and load the boys up just to have to do it all again after running in for 5 minutes. So, I walked the boys up to the grocery store hoping that they had the fun double carts (with the steering wheels) for them to ride in. They didn't, so I let the boys push the "customer in training" carts. I have NO idea what I was thinking. It was a miracle that they didn't run into anybody or knock over any displays. They were like wild animals set free in there, they were running as fast as they could and just squealing and laughing. Of course, if anybody acknowledged the boys, they stopped and turned on the charm, smiling, waving, and saying "hi" and then it was back to running down the aisle. They had no interest in listening to me. I tried putting the milk in one of their carts hoping it'd be heavy and slow them down. Nope. Then they thought that they needed to grab items and put them in the carts. You may notice that we are in the magazines and deoderant section in this picture. It is nowhere near anything that we needed. They decided that we needed to go that way and there was no stopping them. Checking out was a nightmare, I was trying to scan my stuff, bag it, and keep them from taking every single item off the candy shelf. There was also a display of bananas right at check out (I have no idea why!) so they were trying to put those in their cart as well. I was worn out when we left there. Lesson learned, it is much less work to get the stroller out than it is to try and keep up with these two running loose. Although, if I'm not able to make it to the gym on day, I could always try this again--it was quite a workout chasing those two.

I picked up a couple Sesame Street items from the dollar section at Target. I got them some flash cards, I got a couple different packs and put them away for later and since they were only a dollar, I decided to give them one pack now and see how they did with them. They're not the most gentle with things, so I figured they'd all be ripped and crumbled in seconds, but they didn't do too bad.

I also got two packs of stickers in the dollar sections. Each of these came with 4 sheets! I thought that was a great deal. The boys love the big stickers they get at the doctor's office or from the nice cashier's at Target or Kroger, so I thought I'd see how they did with some smaller ones. I gave them a piece of paper and let them decorate it with stickers and then put a couple on their shirts for them to take off and put back on. It entertained them while I got their lunch ready.

The boys have been spending a lot more time upstairs lately. When they wake up, I get them out of their cribs and let them come down the stairs themselves, a lot of times they'll want to stay in their rooms and play awhile. They used to only have their pacifiers for sleeping and car rides, but they know where they are and they get them and use them anytime they're upstairs. I think this may be a good time to break the pacifier habit before they get too attached. I'm not looking forward to this, it's not going to be fun. They're sleeping so good at night and taking such good naps. I know taking away the pacifiers is going to mess with that.

Yesterday was our anniversary. We've been together for 13 years, married for 6! Isn't that crazy? We exhanged gifts, made our favorite dinner, and enjoyed a glass of wine. We actually finally bit the bullet and got a babysitter. She's coming over Friday night so we can go out. It'll be the first time the boys have been left with anybody but family while we're not under the same roof (church, gym, etc). I'm a little nervous, but I know they'll be in good hands.

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