Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This past Sunday was the boys second Easter. Last year was fun, but I was looking forward to the boys understanding a little more this year. We didn't make it to any egg hunts this year, unfortunately, but I'm excited that we have that aspect to look forward to next year. We did Easter very low key, that's been our style with the past several holidays and events lately. We know that as they get older, we'll do more and more, so we're taking advantage of them being young and not really "getting" it yet, and just taking it easy.

We planned on going to church, but Sunday was my day to sleep in (Greg slept in on Saturday-we take turns) and I slept too late for us to make it to church (we go to the early service). So, we just skipped it this year. I kinda felt bad, but I was exhausted and needed the sleep. We let the boys play for a little while after I got up while I got some things ready for Easter dinner. I decided to do a ham with a couple of sides for us. Nothing too fancy.

We didn't go all out for the boys this Easter, since they have plenty of toys and they're too young to even know the difference. I actually bought a couple more things last year on the day after Easter that I decided not to put in their basket and save them until next year. This year, they got a couple of Little People Easter figures, some books, some fruit and veggie magnets to play with on the fridge, they each got some swimming trunks and a swimming shirt, and the big thing was a t-ball set for each of them.

Carter went straight for the Little People Easter car.

The tube that Carter is holding was their favorite thing. The tube. Not the toy inside. We actually had to sneak it away and put it in the trash because they were fighting over that empty plastic tube!

I love their Easter shirts. They're the same shirts they wore to see the Easter bunny.

I found these magnets in the dollar section at Target and thought they were so cute. I got a package of fruit magnets and a package of veggie magnets. The boys like to play with them in their play kitchen as food more than on the fridge as magnets.

We had to run to Walmart really quick and I was able to snap this picture of them holding hands. It's their new thing they do in the parking lot. I can't think of anything cuter than them holding hands. It's so sweet!!

After the boys naps, we let them play outside with their new t-ball set. They both seemed to really like them and they played with them for a long time. I took a ton of pictures.

Evan went and got two balls, one for him and one for Carter. I had to post this for proof that they do share and they are really sweet to each other sometimes. I'll have to look at this picture the next time Carter is chasing Evan in the house crying because he took his toy. ;)

And here's some pictures of our fence. I never posted any on here, so here's a couple from different angles. I can't wait to get it stained/painted.

I went in early to get dinner ready. When I looked outside, I saw the boys coming up the deck. I turned around and when I looked again I didn't see them at first.

They had both ran over to one of the chairs and they had both climbed into it WITH the cover still on to hide. Haha. So cute!

Here's our Easter dinner. A maple glazed ham, crockpot macaroni and cheese, southern style green beans (cooked with bacon on the stove for 8 hours) rolls, and deviled eggs. For dessert, we had a carrot cake cupcake (I made a batch, we each had just one and Greg took the rest to work) and raspberry spumante. I really liked it.

I even made the boys a plate of everything except the deviled eggs, since they both hate eggs, and they took a couple of bites of their rolls and that was all! Oh, life with picky toddlers.

So, that was our Easter. It was fun that the boys were able to do more than last year and I look forward to future Easter's of actually making it to church (oops) dying eggs, Easter egg hunts, etc.

Here's the crock pot macaroni and cheese recipe. It's the best homemade macaroni and cheese that I've ever had. It's so cheesy and good. It's super easy to make, too.

Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese
16 oz. elbow macaroni
8 cups of cheese
4 eggs
3 cups whole milk
2 cups evaporated milk
salt & pepper

Cook noodles until tender (per directions on package).
Mix together noodles, eggs, cheese (reserve about 1 1/2 cups for the topping), whole milk, evaporated milk, and pepper.
Cook on low 5-6 hours.
Add remaining cheese to the top about an hour before serving.

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