Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Low Key Week

This week is Spring Break for the schools around here so there haven't been a whole lot of playgroups or activites going on in the mom's groups. So, the boys and I just hung around the house and took it easy this week. We spent some time in the backyard, went the gym a couple of days-the boys LOVE going to the Kid Zone there now, and today we went to Bounce and Play to get out of the house. It's been kinda nice taking it easy, but 1 week is enough for me, I'm ready to start doing things again. Next week, we have a couple of playdates scheduled, including one at our house, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Here's some pictures I've taken this week.

I love getting pictures of the boys playing together. I love that they are so close.

Playing outside in the yard.

Both boys love to play with the house, the dirt, grass, etc.

It's a shame we they don't have any toys or things to play with. ;)

The boys were cute with the tree. I guess the branch tickled Carter, so he lifted up his shirt and rubbed his belly on the branch and laughed.

The boys like to put their monkey on their lawnmower and push him around. It's like their little boy version of a baby stroller, I guess.

I thought the boys looked so cute in their pastel, spring time polo shirts.

This is what every day at 3:15 looks like. They love to wave at Daddy through the window then go around and greet him at the door.

Both boys are such little monkeys. They can get on anything! Now, they're able to pull out the chairs and climb up. I found out the hard way that I can't keep my purse or the diaper bag on the dining room table anymore. Evan pulled my purse down and was going through it the other day. Evan can also open any door now, so we had to put those annoying child proof things on all the doors. We already had them on the main doors (like the one to the basement) because we knew he was close to figuring it out.

I love having my iphone to get quick pictures, like this one of Carter smiling, but they're so active it's hard to get pictures that aren't blurry.

This is an example. Most of my pictures turn out like this. Look at Evan! They go 100mph all day!

Evan giving the monkey "something to drink"

Carter had to make sure the pink "thing" (we're not sure what animal it is) had some drink to. It's so funny to me that they are into pretend play now. They've been doing it for awhile now, but this is the first time they've tried to feed their stuffed animals.

I took the boys to Bounce and Play this morning to get out of the house. The boys had a blast.

So, that was basically our low key week in pictures.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your boys are so cute and FULL of energy :)

  2. Love seeing the pics of the boys playing together. So sweet. I bet Daddy loves pulling in to the driveway and seeing those happy faces.

    april@Party of Five