Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Week

I'm a little behind on posting this week. I planned on doing little recaps after each day, but it's been busy, so I'll just do it all in one post.
Monday, we went to our weekly moms of multiples playdate. It was so much fun. The boys had fun playing and I'm so glad that we have this every week.
Tuesday, I hosted a playdate at our house, two other moms came over and there were 5 kids total. It was nice and low key, and I didn't get any pictures. ;(
Wednesday, we went over to a friend's house in the neighborhood for a playdate and the boys had a blast. She has a little girl who is a year old and a boy who is 3, so there were all kinds of fun toys for the boys to play with.

Carter's allergies seemed worse on Wednesday than they had ever been and we were told to call the allergist if they got worse and they'd give him some prescription allergy medicine and nasal steroid spray, etc. I didn't want to go any further and put him on any medication without making sure that there wasn't something else going on in addition to allergies, like a cold. So, we made an appointment with our pediatrician. Greg kept Evan, so I could take Carter by myself. They found that he wasn't getting air into part of his lung and gave him an albuterol inhaler and it worked right away. They put him on Singulair and were going back in one week for a follow up. That evening he spiked a fever and ended up going to bed around 5:00, so we called the on call doctor to make sure we shouldn't be worried. I woke him up and gave him another puff of the albuterol and put him to bed. When he woke up on Thursday, it was hard to tell at first if he was better. The allergies seem to be the worst in the morning, and he was really fussy, so we weren't sure whether to take him in or not. He ended up getting better throughout the day, still having allergies, but breathing fine, no fever, and not coughing like he was. I thought Evan broke his nose in the morning after he got hit in the face with a book (thanks to Carter) so I kept an eye on that all day. And my allergies were awful and I was exhausted, I ended up sleeping for 3 hours while they slept. It was a rough day for all of us.

Friday, everybody was doing better. I took the boys to the gym. They LOVE the childcare center there and run in without even hesitating now. After their nap, the boys and I went to the new Joannes' that I've been super excited about, did our weekly grocery shopping. Grocery shopping with two toddlers in a double stroller is not easy task. I brought snacks and had my hands full pushing the stroller and trying to carry the basket and all the food, but the boys did great. No meltdowns or tantrums equals a successful shopping trip in my book.

This morning, I took my car to Honda for an oil change and enjoyed over 2 hours of peace and quiet. I read my Us Weekly, played on my iphone, cleaned out my purse. It was quite a nice morning. ;) Greg took the boys to the gym. They're all napping now. The weather is beautiful out, so we're definitely going to take advantage of it after everybody wakes up. Here's this week's pictures from my iphone.

The boys love their pull out bed/sofa. I'm so glad we got these for the boys.

They have recently started covering up and reading books which is really cute.

The boys watching tv. This probably lasted like 15 seconds before they were both off in different directions.

The boys at our moms of multiples playdate. If there is a ball anywhere around, Evan will find it. It's hands down his favorite toy. The sweet girls in the child care center at the gym always get them out for him when he gets there because they know how much he loves playing with them.

The house we went to was SO nice. It's so big, with plenty of room for kids to run around and there's several places set up with toys and things. It's the perfect house for playdates.

And just like Evan loving to play with a ball, Carter loves his tractors.

So, I have to put this in here even though nobody will care but me, but Carter ate two deviled eggs on Monday. Both boys HATE eggs. Carter threw up the first time we gave him eggs (and he's not allergic to them). We have given both boys eggs, several times, in many different forms, and every time they spit them out. Just Saturday, when I was sharing my cheesy, bagel and egg sandwhich with Carter at the Farmer's Market, I tried to sneak in a tiny piece of egg with lots of cheese and he spit it out. He saw me eating a deviled egg on Monday while they were eating dinner and they both wanted a bite. I gave him a tiny bite and he wanted more and ended up eating two! I couldn't believe it. Evan took a few bites but didn't seem to like it nearly as much as Carter.

The boys are like two peas in a pod now.

Walking to our friend's house in the neighborhood. This will never get old to me, I will always thing them holding hands is the sweetest thing ever.

Playing the piano at our playdate's house.

Both boys like to act like they're sleeping now. It's so cute. Evan will say "night night" and then lay down and it was so cute when they were doing it together.

Evan's poor nose. This was not taken right after it happened, I comforted him and he had calmed down and then got upset when I was taking his picture. I wanted to get one to send Greg at work since it looked swollen to me. I thought it was broken at first, but he's fine now. It still looks just as bad, I think pretty much everybody that saw him out yesterday said something.


  1. your kids are too cute! love those couches. I can definitely see why they'd love them!

    hope you had a great weekend :)

    {I have a giveaway going on right now. Love for you to enter!}

  2. I always have such fun seeing what I have to look forward to with my twins! I nominated you for a fun blog award on my blog. =)