Friday, April 27, 2012

Laid Back Week and New Train Table

This week has been pretty laid back. Not a whole lot going on. Thursday a couple of moms from MOPS came over for a playdate. It was the perfect day for an indoor playdate because it was rainy and nasty outside. Other than that, we haven't been doing a whole lot around here. We're taking the boys to the park this afternoon to wear them out so they sleep good for the babysitter tonight. Tonight's datenight and the first time we're leaving the boys with somebody other than family. Here's some pictures I've taken this week.

The boys come outside with me when we go somewhere and one stays on the porch while I take the other one and load them in the car. The other day, Carter got into my pots on the porch and started playing with the dirt, so I've been taking him to the car first. I turned around one day and Evan was trying to lock himself between the screen door and the front door.

I wish I would have got some pictures of him with his face smooshed against the glass, he was trying so hard to latch that screen door.

The other day, Evan took a 3.5 hour nap. It was so nice, except that Carter only took a 2 hour nap. I could tell he was still tired when I went and got him, but he wouldn't go back to sleep, so we went downstairs and hung out until Evan woke up. Carter just wanted to snuggle up and watch tv.

I taught the boys to put both arms in the air when I say "touchdown". It's really cute.
Where's Evan?

 There he is! haha, they love hiding. I'll say "where's Evan or where's carter" and they'll laugh so hard while I'm walking over to the chair. It's so cute.

Taking advantage of the nice weather and eating dinner that Greg grilled out on the deck. The boys love the freedom of eating at their picnic table and love getting up a million times to hand us stuff, pick stuff up, etc.

 I made a list of stuff I wanted to get the boys eventually, so we could keep an eye out on Craigslist, consignment sales, etc. and if we find a good deal, we can go ahead and get it. Greg checked the bulletin board at work and found this train table and all the train stuff that came with it for $10.00!!! Can you believe that?! $10.00!!!!! I was so excited. The boys really like it and it's something that they can grow with.

I'm in the process of figuring out how I want the basement playroom and front room playroom organized. I'm also going to be switching their bedrooms out upstairs, so I'm trying to figure out where all their toys are going to go, which ones they've outgrown and how to set everything up.

This week for lunch I've been having the best salad. It's spinach, with strawberries, croutons (nuts would be good too) and goat cheese. I put Newman's Own Lite Raspberry & Walnut Vinegarette on it. It's so good! I love the strawberries in it. I never thought I'd like fruit in my salad, but I'm definitely a fan now.

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