Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First All Club Meeting

Every month, the mom's club I'm in, holds a meeting at a local church. They have it in the nursery so all the kids can play and if there's anything to discuss, the moms can do that while the kids play. Afterwards, everybody eats pastries, bagels, muffins, cookies, etc that Panera donates to our club for our monthly meeting. When the boys were on two naps a day, this meeting was always during their first nap, so we never went. Now that the boys are on one afternoon nap a day and are old enough to walk into places without me having to get the stroller out, we decided to check it out. We were the first ones to arrive and I was shocked at how big the church was. I was even more shocked when I saw the nursery. It was amazing!! Since we were the first ones there, the boys had the entire place to themselves for about 5 minutes. It filled up quick and there were a ton of other kids and moms there. The boys had a blast and were really sweet with the younger kids. They also enjoyed the goodies afterwards, too. When we got home, they took an extra long nap, so we will defnitely try and go to this every month. ;)

I only got a couple of pictures of the boys before everybody showed up, they're kinda blurry, but I just wanted a couple to show how big the place was.

There's also a huge closet FULL of toys. Tons of toys. It was really nice.

After the boys long nap, Greg took them to the gym and I ran to an appointment. We bathed the boys, put them to bed and then relaxed. It has been a long day. Evan is getting another tooth and has been pretty fussy. The mornings are rough, but he's been really good when we're out doing things. I guess it helps take his mind off the pain. I'm really glad that we have things planned for every day this week, it makes things so much easier.

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